Your Guide to TikTok Text Posts: Can You Really Post Text on TikTok?

Updated on August 1, 2023

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Head of Marketing @ Vista Social

Published August 1, 2023

Your Guide to TikTok Text Posts: Can You Really Post Text on TikTok?
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This just in: TikTok text posts are now a thing! Yes, you heard that right, you can really post text on TikTok.

Guide to TikTok Text Posts
(Source: TikTok)

Joining vids and pics, now users have one more way to get creative on the platform.

TikTok’s making moves into the text post space, joining the likes of Threads and X (are we saying X yet?).

Wondering how this TikTok text post thing works? We’re breaking it down — who gets access and how to get your first post off the ground.

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Can You Post Text on TikTok?

Yes, you can now post text on TikTok!

The platform has unveiled a new feature allowing users to post text directly, opening a world of possibilities for your marketing strategies.

This new format is an excellent opportunity to announce new products, share updates, or even deliver micro-blogs right where your audience is.

But don’t forget about TikTok’s other features. You can still add a song or sticker to your text posts. Keep in mind, though, there’s a 1K character limit.

Just make sure your app is up-to-date and you’ll be ready to start crafting your text posts.

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How to Create a Text Post on TikTok?

Eager to try out TikTok’s new text post feature? Follow this easy step-by-step guide and start crafting engaging text content on TikTok.

Step 1: Open the TikTok App

Open your TikTok app. The text post feature is integrated into the familiar interface, making it a seamless addition to your content creation process.

Step 2: Tap the ‘Plus’ Icon

Start a new post by tapping on the ‘plus’ icon, also known as the camera icon. It’s positioned centrally on your screen, so you can’t miss it.

How to Create a Text Post on TikTok?

Step 3: Select the ‘Text’ Option

You’ll find the ‘Text’ option in the navigation bar at the screen’s bottom. Select it to proceed with creating your text post.

Step 4: Add Your Text

Once you’ve selected the ‘Text’ option, a ‘Type something…’ prompt will appear. Here’s where you put your words to work.

How to Create a Text Post on TikTok?

Remember, you can add your own creative flair with custom fonts, colors, and alignment. Just be aware of the 1K character limit.

Step 5: Personalize Your Text Post

Customize your text post by adding a song, changing the background color, or even sticking on a sticker. Make it your own and tailor it to your audience for maximum engagement!

Step 6: Post to Your Feed or Story

Once you’re happy with your text post, tap ‘Post to feed’ or ‘Your Story’. And that’s it – your text post is live!

With these straightforward steps, creating text posts on TikTok becomes a breeze. Harness the power of this new feature and keep your TikTok content strategy fresh and engaging.

NOTE: TikTok’s text post feature has been rolled out worldwide, so if you don’t have access yet, make sure your app is updated.

Can You Include Hashtags in TikTok Text Posts?

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With TikTok text posts you can add sounds, colors, stickers, and, yes, hashtags!

Creating a text post on TikTok is a lot like crafting a Story on Instagram, but with a bonus – these posts stick around on your feed, they aren’t going anywhere after 24 hours.

Considering adding hashtags to your TikTok text posts? Absolutely, you should!

Hashtags are not just trendy, they’re strategy. They dial up your content’s visibility, tethering it to what’s hot on TikTok and extending its reach.

It’s a must-do for content creators and brands aiming to elevate their TikTok game.

Best Hashtags for TikTok Text Posts:

Wondering what are the best hashtags for TikTok text posts? We’ve got you covered!

Between Vista Social’s built-in hashtag suggestion tool and TikTok’s trend discovery page – you’ll always be equipped to reach the right audience with your content.

TikTok Hashtags for Marketers:

Using the right hashtags is crucial for expanding your reach on TikTok.

As a marketer, you’ll want to use a combination of trending, industry-specific, and branded hashtags.

Here are some popular hashtags that marketers often use:

  1. #TikTokMarketing
  2. #DigitalMarketing
  3. #ContentMarketing
  4. #SocialMediaStrategy
  5. #Branding
  6. #SEO
  7. #GrowthHacking
  8. #InfluencerMarketing
  9. #SMM (Short for Social Media Marketing)
  10. #MarketingTips

TikTok Hashtags for Creators:

Hashtags are a key component for TikTok creators to gain more visibility and engage with a larger audience.

Here are some of the most popular TikTok hashtags that creators often use:

  1. #ForYou (or #FYP, #ForYouPage) – This is a universal hashtag that creators use hoping to get their content onto TikTok’s coveted ‘For You’ page.
  2. #TikTokCreator
  3. #Creator
  4. #UGCCreator
  5. #UGC
  6. #Creative
  7. #OnTrend
  8. #Challenge
  9. #Tutorial
  10. #Tips

TikTok Hashtags for SMB:

For small businesses, the right use of hashtags on TikTok can help you connect with your target audience and amplify your content’s reach.

Here are some top TikTok hashtags that are commonly used by small businesses:

  1. #SmallBusiness
  2. #ShopSmall
  3. #SupportSmallBusiness
  4. #Entrepreneur
  5. #StartUpLife
  6. #LocalBusiness
  7. #BusinessTips
  8. #SMB (Short for Small Medium Business)
  9. #SmallBusinessOwner
  10. #HomeMade

Keep in mind, while these general small business hashtags can be effective, it’s also essential to use more specific hashtags related to your industry or product/service.

This can increase the chances of reaching potential customers who are interested in what you offer.

TikTok Hashtags for Multi-Location Businesses:

For multi-location businesses, the strategic use of location-based hashtags on TikTok can effectively increase visibility in different markets. Here are some ideas:

  1. #[YourCityName]Business (e.g., #LondonBusiness, #NYCBusiness)
  2. #[YourCityName]Local (e.g., #TokyoLocal, #BerlinLocal)
  3. #[YourCityName][YourIndustry] (e.g., #MelbourneFood, #TorontoTech)
  4. #SupportLocal[YourCityName] (e.g., #SupportLocalParis, #SupportLocalSydney)
  5. #[YourStateName]Business (e.g., #CaliforniaBusiness, #TexasBusiness)
  6. #MultiLocationBusiness
  7. #LocalSupport
  8. #Shop[YourCityName] (e.g., #ShopDubai, #ShopMumbai)
  9. #[YourIndustry]In[YourCityName] (e.g., #FashionInMilan,#TechInSiliconValley)
  10. #FranchiseLife

Start reaching the right audiences with the help of Vista Social’s hashtag tools! Trending hashtag suggestions, saved groups, and performance insights at your fingertips try it today.

What is the Length Limit for TikTok Text Posts?

Keeping it tight is the name of the game with TikTok text posts, as you have a 1,000 character limit to play with.

This limit includes spaces, punctuation, and any special characters. Here are some best practices to make sure every character counts:

  1. Stay Focused: While 1,000 characters may sound limiting, it’s more than enough to make a clear, focused point. Ensure that every word contributes to your message.
  2. Front-Load Key Information: People’s attention spans can be short, so put the most important information at the start of your post.
  3. Use a Call-to-Action (CTA): Encourage your audience to engage by including a clear CTA. This could be asking them to comment, share, or follow a link.
  4. Embrace Emojis: Emojis are a great way to convey emotion or substitute words, potentially saving character space.
  5. Include Hashtags: While you have to be mindful of your character count, including trending or relevant hashtags can help your text post reach a wider audience.

With the right approach, you can craft compelling, engaging TikTok text posts that grab attention and prompt action, all within the 1,000 character limit.

So, ready to start expressing yourself in a whole new way on TikTok? Get typing, creators and marketers!

Ready to elevate your TikTok text posts? Dive into the world of creative planning with Vista Social’s powerful TikTok management tools. Start crafting captivating content now – sign up for free! 🎉

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