G2’s Summer 2022 Awards: Vista Social Named High Performer

Updated on November 8, 2022

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Marketing @ Vista Social

Published August 25, 2022

G2’s Summer 2022 Awards: Vista Social Named High Performer
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G2’s Summer 2022 Awards are here! Each quarter, G2 releases the top products in each industry by ranking over 100,000 software sellers based on verified customer reviews. This year, Vista Social was recognized as a leading software in G2’s 2022 Summer Report. 

G2's Summer 2022 Awards: Vista Social Named High Performer

As the latest social media management tool to hit the market, Vista Social has captured the attention of businesses, agencies, solopreneurs, and enterprises with its modern features and pricing. 

Vista Social was the first platform to launch Instagram Reels auto-publish and TikTok direct publishing without the limitations of mobile app reminders or notification scheduling. 

G2’s Summer 2022 Awards is part of their quarterly performance reports that giving leading brands and agencies a clear picture of the best technology solutions on the market. Let’s explore more about G2’s reports and ranking and how Vista Social became a high performer for Summer 2022.

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G2 Summer 2022 Awards: What Are They?

G2 is the world’s largest and most trusted software marketplace that helps leading brands and agencies evaluate and compare software vendors. Every 3 months, they release a report that highlights the top-rated technology solutions as determined by verified reviewers.

“G2’s 2022 Best Software Awards are our industry’s version of the Academy Awards – showcasing market leaders and disruptors, while reflecting the latest and most pressing priorities among software buyers today,” said Amanda Malko, chief marketing officer at G2.

3 Report Categories on G2:

  • Grid® Reports: This report offers a high-level overview of each category available on G2. The Grid® Reports include which tools have the highest customer ratings based on over 1.7 million verified and authentic reviews. 
  • Index Reports: A deeper dive into what matters most to buyers: product usability, implementation, relationship, and results.
  • Momentum Reports: This report highlights which tools have seen substantial growth each quarter and are building innovative products.

This year, G2’s Summer 2022 Awards consisted of 8,455 different reports that featured 12,335 products across 893 categories. The overall goal of these reports is to help inform purchasing decisions from software buyers.

The software landscape is always evolving, with new innovations, companies, and trends cropping up. Over the past quarter alone, Vista Social has hit new milestones and accolades to be acknowledged as a leading software by G2.

What Is A G2 High Performer?

G2’s High Performer Award is given to software companies that continually receive high customer satisfaction scores at the quarterly review deadline.

G2's Summer 2022 Awards: Vista Social Named High Performer

The High Performer badge is based on reviews gathered from G2’s verified user community and data collected from third-party online sources and social networks. A unique algorithm (v3.0) is then applied to this data to calculate the precise scoring of each product in real-time. 

Chief Product Officer at G2, Sara Rossio, had this to say, “Rankings on G2 reports are based on data provided to us by real software buyers. Potential buyers know they can trust these insights when researching and selecting software because they’re rooted in vetted, verified, and authentic reviews.” 

In this quarter’s report, Vista Social has been recognized as a “High Performer” for its high number of positive reviews and rank in customer satisfaction. 

Why Businesses Are Switching to Vista Social?

Most of the social media management tools you’ve heard of in the market launched almost a decade ago. So, their platform was built for how social media existed in 2010. 

This resulted in a number of brands and agencies settling with buggy interfaces, outdated features, poor customer support, and expensive monthly plans. 

As you can imagine, frustration grew, and they turned to trusted software marketplaces to read verified reviews from real people.

Why A Leading Agency Switched From Hootsuite to Vista Social

With a 4.7 out of 5 stars ranking, Vista Social has caught the attention of many software buyers in the market for a new social media management tool.

Vista Social’s Top 3 Most Loved Features

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It’s simple; businesses want a tool that saves them time, has solutions for modern needs, and doesn’t break the bank. Here are some of Vista Social’s most loved features!

1. Social Network Integrations

Most social media management tools offer limited social media integrations or have their solutions tailored to the Big 4 (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn).

Vista Social eliminates jumping between platforms or having to publish content manually by supporting most social media networks. This allows business to manage their pages and profiles in one unified dashboard.

Vista Social Integrations:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Google My Business
  • TikTok
  • TripAdvisor
  • Reddit
  • Yelp
  • Trustpilot
  • Bitly
  • OpenTable
G2's Summer 2022 Awards | Real Customer Review | Vista Social Social Network Integrations
Read the full review here.

2. Content Creation 

A good content marketing strategy is based on consistency. But, let’s face it, there are a bunch of moving parts involved to create relevant content for your audience and have it published at the right time. 

You have to find trending topics, source the media types (or create them), keep a media library of your content, research relevant hashtags, tag users and locations, resize and edit your content, and publish when your audience is online.

With Vista Social, you can gain access to a suite of content creation tools that let you scale your social strategy with on-brand content. 

Vista Social’s Content Creation Tools:

  • Design and share content with our Canva integration: Access thousands of social media post templates and easily design engaging on-brand content for you and your clients with Vista Social’s Canva integration.
  • Find (and share) authentic user-generated content by Instagram hashtag: Enter in a hashtag, browse the latest posts, and easily share to your Feed.
  • Find (and share) authentic user-generated content by Instagram account: Browse your favorite Instagram business and creator profiles, then save content to your Media Library for easy scheduling.
  • Collect high-quality, shareable photos instantly: Vista Social is excited to offer digital marketing HD images through our integrations with Canva, Pexels, and Unsplash.
  • Resize, edit, and add alt text: Create social media content that’s in line with your brand. Vista Social helps you optimize every piece of media with easy re-sizing, filters, and alt text options.
  • Find the latest news: Our smart publishing feature allows users to automatically discover trending industry-related articles and schedule them in bulk.
  • Quickly source Gifs and videos: With the Video Libraries built right into Vista Social, you’ll have a huge selection of pro videos and gifs right at your fingertips.
Real Customer Review of Vista Social on G2 | Vista Social's Content Creation Tools
Read the full review here.

3. Easily Add & Manage Multiple Entities and Profiles

The ability to manage multiple client accounts and profiles in one location is a common challenge for agencies. With Vista Social, you can easily add new profiles and switch between accounts in one easy-to-use dashboard.

Here’s how Vista Social supports team collaboration:

  • Task Assignment: Delegate messages to specific team members (or clients) and measure users’ efficiency based on tasks assigned and completed.
  • Internal Notes: Create internal notes and mention team members or clients within conversations.
  • Approval workflow: Generate workflows to guide the submission, review, and approval of messages to maintain oversight, safeguard brand standards and simplify collaboration.
  • Shared calendar: Manage individual posts and campaigns in a collaborative content calendar to improve visibility and facilitate long-term planning.
  • Automated Report Delivery: Schedule fully customizable reports in advance to be delivered to teams and clients. Add your own logo, title, and description for each report. 
Real Customer Review of Vista Social on G2 | How Vista Social Supports Team Collaboration
Read the full review here.

Wrapping Up

Vista Social being recognized as a leading software in G2’s Summer 2022 Awards is just the beginning!

As Vista Social continues to build momentum, we would like to thank all of our customers for their continued support and feedback.

Vista Social’s goal is to revolutionize the social media management landscape by offering innovative tools that allow businesses to scale their growth while keeping more money in their pockets.

Want to see why more brands and agencies are switching to Vista Social? Trial a Pro plan today with no credit card required.

About the Author

Marketing @ Vista Social

Brittany Garlin serves as the Head of Marketing at Vista Social, the leading social media suite that's pushing the boundaries of innovation. Steering the platform to achieve an impressive milestone of over 2 million connected social profiles, Brittany's expertise has been acknowledged in a recent appearance on the Social Pros podcast, where she discussed making marketing to marketers more human-centered. With a knack for strategic disruption, Brittany also redefines what it means to be a woman in the tech sector. Her thought leadership is frequently highlighted in prestigious outlets like Forbes and HubSpot.

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