Uncover Insights from Your Silent Fans to Craft a Successful Social Media Content

Updated on March 19, 2022

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Published March 19, 2022

Uncover Insights from Your Silent Fans to Craft a Successful Social Media Content
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Success in marketing begins with a clear understanding of the target audience’s needs. You will not create perfect content before figuring out whom you are doing it for. Follows, likes and shares tell us a lot about what exactly resonates with your target audience, but it is still not a complete picture.

You could have already heard about the ’90-9-1 Rule’ and user classification in one of three distinct categories. According to this rule, 90% of social media users do not interact publicly. They are also known as ‘undetected users’ who do not show any activity on social media channels – no likes, shares, feedback, or any other visual contribution.

When creating your brand’s content strategy, you should understand that visible users are not the only ones interacting with your business online. Therefore, you should also consider metrics that give insights into your silent fans. This post will cover these metrics and discuss building social media content to resonate with your entire audience.

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Behind-The-Scenes Metrics

Any competent marketing is based on the art of being closer to the target audience. So the question is how to discover the activities and attitudes of your audience—especially those who do not interact with your content. Below we have listed a few metrics to keep in mind.

  • Referral traffic. Digital marketers put much effort into analyzing top traffic sources and getting website traffic that converts. Referral traffic is a set of visits to the site from external sources. This is high-quality traffic that helps attract the attention of a potential consumer. Links located on third-party Internet resources increase the search rating and the number of interested visitors, raising the site traffic and site position as a whole. Analyzing the referral traffic, you can better understand how much of your silent fans come to your website thanks to your social media content.
  • CTR (Click-Through-Rate). CTR is an indicator of clickability which shows how many visits the web resource received after the advertisement was displayed. Thanks to this metric, we can analyze statistics and determine how successfully the ad and any other social media post elements were launched. You can observe silent engagement and understand what type of content encourages your users to action. The higher the CTR is, the more successful the advertising campaign is.
  • Conversion rate. This is the ratio of site visitors who have reached the goal to the general audience. Simply put, this is the percentage of users who have performed the necessary action – registered, subscribed to the newsletter, filled out the form, submitted an application, made a purchase. It is an essential metric to track to understand what social media content motivates your target audience to make the target action.

These are just a few metrics to pay attention to when dealing with the activities and attitudes of your audience. The task of each business is to choose those that will help in achieving the brand’s goals and use them competently. However, to craft proper social media content for everyone, you also need to know the sentiments behind the users’ decisions. That is when social media listening comes in.

Listen to the Conversations Surrounding Your Brand

Marketers constantly try to understand what consumers think about their products, services, brands, and communication tactics. Unfortunately, manually tracking consumer sentiment is not an easy task. The good news is that you can extract actionable insights through social listening.

Social listening means tracking conversations around your industry, specific topics, and audiences on social media and other web resources. For example, you can ask a question through your social channels and then “listen” to comments on your post to understand how people are reacting to specific topics at the moment. Such monitoring includes any comment, post, tweet, description of a photo with your brand’s products, publications of employees, or other people that can affect your company’s reputation on the web.

Considering the endless struggle for the users’ attention on social media, tracking conversations will help you understand what impression is formed about your company online. When knowing what the audience wants from you and your competitors, you can improve many aspects of your strategy. For example, you can enhance the content, making it more relevant to current trends, improving the products and services, and launch more relevant and interesting advertising.

Vista Social’s social media listening tools will help you build a deeper understanding of your audience. You will discover relevant keywords or themes that will benefit your business. Analyzing the brand’s mentions will get you to the correct conclusions regarding things and strategies that will work in your best interests. 

Vista Social is a simple-to-use platform that allows you to:

  • implement social media listening effortlessly;
  • find valuable insights;
  • improve with audiences;
  • stay a step ahead;
  • evolve your business strategy.

Social listening can be beneficial in many aspects of marketing, so it is worth considering it as an essential part of the strategy.

Plan Your Social Content Strategy Effectively 

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When you know what metrics to track and how social listening can benefit your brand, it is time to go further. 

Define your specific goal. 

Yes, without this step, you will not develop an effective strategy. What are your specific goals? Perhaps you want to improve SEO performance, increase incoming traffic, or brand awareness. Maybe you want to get more leads and turn them into sales. All these goals are essential, but it will be better to decide the highest priority.

For example, if your goal is to attract more incoming traffic and increase brand awareness through content, you can create a large volume of high-quality content for specific keywords. Listening insights will help you identify those key phrases to boost engagement with your silent audience.

You can also consider social media feedback to learn which social media platforms your target audience prefers and create content accordingly. For example, if you notice that your audience mentions Twitter as a preferable channel to access the research data, adjust your content strategy accordingly.  

Create content around the proper keywords.

Get the most of social listening to locate the popular keywords and phrases to craft engaging content. Managing long-tail keywords is a matter of building communications between your business and customers who are already interested in buying your product.

While long-tail keywords (usually four or more words) do not provide too much traffic, they are easily converted. This allows you to earn on the website visitors who deliberately visited your resource.

For example, ‘women’s trainers’ is quite a popular keyword that does not provide you with much information. But, at the same time, ‘Women’s Air Max 90 SE’ is a specific long-tail keyword that you create your content around.

Keep listening to your audience and refining content. 

Like any other strategy, content promotion can fail, e.g., it will not bring results. That is why it is essential to keep listening to your audience and review the content strategy if it needs to be adjusted or changed altogether. And this is a normal process of development of your business and any other direction of its activity.

You should constantly monitor whether your content resonates with the audience. For example, do your followers like posts? Do they share them? What do they write in the comments? Do they download checklists and presentations? When this does not happen, it is necessary to review the behaviors of your active followers and quiet fans to correct the content plan.


With critical insights you uncover from social media listening and behind-the-scenes metrics, you can craft the content to engage with your silent fans. Try a free Vista Social account to discover how customers feel about your brand and your competitors, identify industry gaps, and leverage opportunities to differentiate your business.

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