Twitter’s API Cost Is Now $100 Per Month For Tools and Apps

Feb 3, 2023

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Brittany Garlin

Head of Marketing @ Vista Social

Twitter’s API Cost Is Now $100 Per Month For Tools and Apps
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Twitter’s API cost is no longer free! In a tweet from Twitter’s Dev account, they announced that free Twitter API access would be removed.

So, what does this mean for your favorite Twitter apps and tools? Keep reading to get all the details.

Wondering how Twitter’s API Cost will affect social media management tools like Vista Social? We are still learning, and businesses should check this article for updates.

Everything you need to know about Twitter’s API cost

Twitter’s developers account (@TwitterDev) announced in the early hours of Wednesday that the company will no longer offer free access to its API.

Starting next week, on Feb. 9, access to the basic tier of the Twitter API will only be available through a paid subscription.

The announcement has received widespread criticism from Twitter users. Some developers have already declared their plans to terminate their Twitter projects.

What is Twitter’s API?

An API, or application programming interface, enables the communication between two applications.

In this case, the Twitter API enables developers to access Twitter’s data and services through official channels, which has allowed them to create a variety of both free and paid products that enhance the user experience on Twitter.

By requiring payment, many of the free services and accounts will likely be discontinued.

What is Twitter’s API cost?

Twitter hasn’t officially announced the cost to access their API, but Elon Musk tweeted it would be $100/month.

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The paid subscription is set to come into effect on February 9th.

Who has to pay for Twitter’s API cost?

Developers and businesses, such as third-party tools, who use the Twitter API for commercial purposes or to create and distribute Twitter-based applications, services, or content must pay for access to the API.

This includes app developers, data analysts, marketing companies, and others who use the API to build and distribute products or services based on Twitter data.

It’s worth mentioning that Twitter already offers a paid tier of service for its API.

This premium tier, designed for social media companies that generate revenue from providing Twitter data, provides more access than the basic tier, which has limitations in place.

How does Twitter’s API cost impact developers and businesses?

The Twitter API cost impacts developers and businesses in several ways:

  1. Accessibility: Developers and businesses that use the Twitter API for commercial purposes must pay for access to the API. This means that the cost of using the API may become a factor in the decision to develop or offer a Twitter-based product or service.
  2. Functionality: The cost of access to the API may also affect the level of functionality available to developers and businesses. Some features may only be available to those who pay for the API, while others may be limited or restricted.
  3. Revenue: The cost of access to the API may impact the revenue generated by developers and businesses who use the API. For example, if the cost of access to the API is passed on to consumers in the form of higher prices, it may affect demand for Twitter-based products and services.
  4. Competition: The cost of access to the API may also impact the level of competition in the market for Twitter-based products and services. Developers and businesses that are unable to pay for the API may face a disadvantage compared to those who can.

Overall, the Twitter API cost can affect the ability of developers and businesses to build and offer Twitter-based products and services, as well as their revenue potential and competitiveness in the market.

Can I still access Twitter’s API for free?

No, as of the announcement made by @TwitterDev, free access to Twitter’s API will no longer be available.

Access to the basic tier of the Twitter API will only be available through a paid subscription.

So, what should you do?

Businesses can keep checking back on this blog for updates on Twitter’s API cost and any changes to the availability of free access.

In the meantime, they may want to consider alternative options or prepare for the possibility of having to pay for access to the Twitter API in the future.

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