Twitter Blue for Business 2023: How much does a Twitter checkmark cost?

Updated on December 12, 2022

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Marketing @ Vista Social

Published December 12, 2022

Twitter Blue for Business 2023: How much does a Twitter checkmark cost?
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So, how much does a Twitter checkmark cost in 2023? It could be changing with the launch of Twitter Blue for Business.

Twitter Blue was the original subscription pricing that brought in a ton of controversy to the app.

But now, the platform has launched a new offering, Twitter Blue for Business, with a few new updates—blue, gold, and grey checkmarks.

Twitter Blue for Business 2023: How much does a Twitter checkmark cost?
Gold checkmark on Twitter

To say there’s been plenty of updates on Twitter is the understatement of the year! The relaunch brings a few new updates that marketers will need to know to be successful on the platform.

So, how much does a Twitter checkmark cost? And what are the new updates with Twitter Blue? Here’s a quick recap to get you up to speed!

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How much does a Twitter checkmark cost?

A Twitter checkmark will cost $8 per month for desktop users and $11 per month for iOS users.

People speculate that the iOS subscription is higher to offset the cost of Apple’s pricey commission for in-app purchases.

The cost of the new verification for Twitter Blue for Business hasn’t been disclosed just yet.

However, reporter Casey Newton obtained internal Twitter documents that showed the app plans to announce a business tier of its subscription plan.

This new verification would also allow businesses to add badges beside their employees’ names on their Twitter accounts.

What does the gold checkmark on Twitter mean?

The gold checkmarks are part of Twitter Blue for Business to label business accounts on Twitter.

The app recently announced 2 new checkmark colors: gold and grey.

Twitter’s color-coded checkmarks:

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  • Blue Checkmark: This label is for Twitter Blue subscribers.
  • Gold Checkmark: This is for advertisers, businesses, and entertainment companies.
  • Grey Checkmark: This is used to label accounts affiliated with the government and monitored by Twitter.

So, is it worth getting Twitter Blue?

Twitter Blue is worth it if you want to access the prestigious checkmarks, skyrocket your brand awareness, and receive 50% fewer ads.

There are benefits to getting Twitter Blue outside of the checkmarks, such as being able to edit tweets, access reader mode, and upload 1080p videos.

Plus, you can get early access to new features with Twitter Blue Labs—which is perfect for marketers, early adopters, and tech reporters.

Does Twitter Blue give you more engagement?

Users with a Twitter Blue subscription will have their tweets prioritized, which could give you more engagement on the app.

Does Twitter Blue give you more engagement? Vista Social

But, as shown in the screenshot, there is a ‘coming soon’ label beside having your tweets rocketed to the top—so it may not happen right away.

What are Twitter Blue’s verification requirements?

Twitter has updated its terms to require users to verify their phone number before they can purchase Twitter Blue.

“Twitter accounts that haven’t been active within the last 30 days or that have changed their profile photo, display name, or username (aka @handle) within the previous seven days may also be unable to sign up. Subscribers will also need a verified phone number,” the company’s updated terms stated.

The new verification requirements may result in a delay in receiving the checkmark to those that subscribe to the Twitter Blue plan. This is because Twitter plans to verify the account details to ensure it passes their requirements.

Over to you!

Twitter has had a lot of controversies lately, but the numbers don’t lie. The number of verified users is still growing on the app!

Twitter Blue for Business 2023: How much does a Twitter checkmark cost?

Don’t believe every opinion piece that you read about Twitter; there is a ton of opportunities for businesses to build relationships and grow their bottom line.

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