Top Social Media Monitoring Software for 2024

Updated on July 2, 2024

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Published July 2, 2024

Top Social Media Monitoring Software for 2024
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I’m serious; you can stop guessing what others are saying about your brand on social media.

With the help of social media monitoring software, you can:

  • Stay attuned to how your audience perceives your brand
  • Spot trends that you can leverage on
  • Catch potential PR crises before they explode 

The big question is, which social media monitoring software should you use?

We’ll help you narrow your search as we cover the top four social media monitoring software that seasoned social media marketers use.

Table of contents

What you will learn

  • Quick facts about social media monitoring software
  • 4 leading social media monitoring software
  • Frequently asked questions about social media monitoring software
  • Get the best social media monitoring software

Quick facts about social media monitoring software

Social media monitoring software tracks and analyzes online conversations about your clients’ brands, specific topics, industries, and competitors.

The features of each tool can vary, from basic keyword-tracking to advanced AI-based functionalities with real-time insights, trend monitoring, and sentiment analysis.  

Social media monitoring tools can help you:

  • Track mentions to determine and and analyze how and when your clients’ brands or products are mentioned on social media platforms
  • Uncover trends to find relevant and engaging topics that resonate with your clients’ target audiences
  • Share comprehensive data and generate reports on media coverage, audience visibility, and brand reputation and visibility
  • Capture and respond promptly to customer feedback, which helps improve your clients’ relationships with their audiences 

4 leading social media monitoring software

Choosing the right tool can be overwhelming, but the top four social media monitoring platforms below can be a great starting point. 

1. Vista Social

Top 4 Social Media Monitoring Software for 2024_1

Vista Social is a modern social media management and optimization platform that centralizes your social media publishing, engagement, and analytics. 

Core social media monitoring features

The platform’s social media listening feature facilitates seamless integration of social media monitoring into your clients’ business strategies.

The tool helps you track social media conversations and engagement on your clients’ profiles based on certain phrases and keywords. 

You can leverage this to better understand your clients’ target audiences and industries, find new customers, engage audiences, and even find brand ambassadors. 

After linking your clients’ profiles to Vista Social, you can set up listeners by adding a listener name and setting the keywords you want to include (or exclude).

Top 4 Social Media Monitoring Software for 2024_2

The listeners you created will be shown on the list with the listener’s name, number of profiles, and status.

Top 4 Social Media Monitoring Software for 2024_3

Enter a keyword in the search box and turn on filters to find conversations within your listeners quickly. 

Select a listener to see all the posts that match the keywords you set. 

Vista Social also lets you respond to conversations within your listeners.

Select the conversation your listener pulled up and click on it to go to your Social Inbox, Vista Social’s key social media engagement feature.

Top 4 Social Media Monitoring Software for 2024_4

You can use the platform’s AI Assistant to create and tweak your replies quickly.

Top 4 Social Media Monitoring Software for 2024_5

You can also use the AI Assistant to generate or improve post taglines and descriptions in Vista Social’s social media publishing feature.

Why choose Vista Social for social media monitoring?

  • Get instant notifications about mentions and trends across multiple platforms
  • Track and manage conversations around your keywords and clients’ brands or products with a user-friendly interface
  • The platform supports social listening for major social networks, including Google Business, Yelp, YouTube, and Reddit
  • Affordable and scalable pricing plans that can grow with your agency’s needs

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2. Khoros is a customer engagement and social media management platform that helps you run cross-channel, on-brand social media campaigns seamlessly.

Core social media monitoring features

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Top 4 Social Media Monitoring Software for 2024_7
  • Noise and spam filtering options that help you filter out irrelevant social monitoring search results by excluding keyword terms and other measures
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) features that automatically assign negative, neutral, and positive sentiment to each social media post for seamless sentiment analysis 
  • Multiple social channel monitoring, including forums, blogs, news sites, and other websites 

Why choose Khoros for social media monitoring?

Khoros is a great tool for managing and monitoring digital interactions across various platforms from one central hub. 

It has advanced features that help your clients scale social customer service to ensure top-quality customer interactions. 

3. Emplifi

Top 4 Social Media Monitoring Software for 2024_8

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Emplifi Listening is Emplifi’s social monitoring tool. It uses deep social and web listening to give users comprehensive insights into conversations across blogs, forums, and social channels. 

Core social media monitoring features

  • Social trend spike alerts that notify you of anomalies and sudden changes in the online activities of your clients’ social audiences via email or directly within the platform
  • AI tools for automated labeling, advanced routing, and sentiment analysis to help your team act quickly and efficiently
  • Customizable displays to help your team get a dynamic and focused view of your clients’ key listening insights
  • Listening queries based on keyword, hashtag, and mention conditions, such as the content the tool will collect, sources it monitors, and the date range for collecting data

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Top 4 Social Media Monitoring Software for 2024_9

Why choose Emplifi for social media monitoring?

Emplifi stands out with its ability to provide actionable social listening insights via robust AI tools and comprehensive analysis. 

The tool’s real-time alerts and ratings and reviews integration helps you implement a seamless strategy across all your clients’ social media engagement points. 

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4. RivalIQ is a social media analytics and competitive analysis solution that helps you monitor your clients’ social and online brand health even without dedicated data experts. 

Core social media monitoring features

  • AI-powered keyword search to let you create custom queries without the help of data scientists
  • Sentiment analysis tools to help you uncover customer emotions and behaviors your clients’ brands generate via best-in-class sentiment analysis
  • Brand and people mention tracking and analysis to simplify spotting patterns about other companies, advocates, and influencers mentioned with your clients’ brands 
  • Access to post volume data and insights to spot spikes in social conversation about your search terms
Top 4 Social Media Monitoring Software for 2024_11

Why choose RivalIQ for social media monitoring?

RivalIQ’s comprehensive approach to social media monitoring helps you track your clients’ digital footprints efficiently. 

The software’s social media listening monitoring also equips you to adapt your strategies quickly to your clients’ customer sentiment and market shifts. 

Frequently asked questions about social media monitoring software

1. How do I choose the right social media monitoring tool?

The right social media monitoring tool depends on your unique needs, but here are a few quick tips to help you out:

  • Opt for a monitoring tool with an intuitive interface to streamline onboarding
  • Check if the tool has the essential features you need, such as real-time alerts
  • Use social monitoring tools that support your clients’ social channels
  • Read user reviews and forums and avail of free trials to test and explore the tool’s capabilities before deciding

2. Is it better to choose social media monitoring tools with more advanced features?

It depends on your needs. 

If you and your clients don’t need features like AI-based or advanced keyword-tracking and are perfectly happy with essential functionalities, then a tool without all the bells and whistles will be enough. 

Get the best social media monitoring software

The ideal social media monitoring solution should cater to your specific requirements, assist your clients in achieving their objectives, and align with your budget.

Start your search for the right monitoring software with the tools we listed above.

Opt for a reliable, powerful, and advanced social media management software like Vista Social.

Create your Vista Social account to get hands-on experience with the platform’s social listening and other social media management features. 

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