How Twitter Verification Works in 2022 

Updated on January 29, 2022

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Published January 26, 2022

How Twitter Verification Works in 2022 
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Nothing makes a person or brand more beautiful on social media than having a verification checkmark next to the account name. If you have an account on Twitter, you have seen this blue icon associated with various accounts.

Twitter verification is confirmation of the account’s authenticity. The verification checkmark means Twitter has verified the account, and it is confirmed to be run by a real organization or a person. With a checkmark, the company’s profile will look more trustworthy in the eyes of buyers and competitors. So, it is undoubtedly worth talking about it.  

Read further to learn how to build a credible presence on Twitter – with or without a blue checkmark.

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Significance of Twitter Verification

Whether you are a celebrity, a company owner, a famous blogger, or a representative of any other profession, verification will help avoid fakes and boost confidence in the eye of your audience. With 187 million monetizable Twitter daily active users, it is worth letting people know that your account is authentic and of public interest. In addition, the blue badge gives people on Twitter more context about whom they are dealing with. 

Twitter representatives provide verification badges. Your account must be authentic, notable, and active to receive the blue badge. Any account that tries to falsify the verification badge can be suspended from the platform.

Twitter notes that there are only six categories of accounts that can qualify for the verification checkmark:

  • Government representatives;
  • Companies, brands, and organizations;
  • News organizations and journalists;
  • Entertainment accounts;
  • Sports and gaming accounts:
  • Activists and other influential people.

Twitter will conduct both automated verification and human verification. But, if you do not meet the criteria described above, you will most likely not even get to the “manual” verification.

How Twitter Verification Used to Work

For a while, anyone could apply for Twitter verification. However, in 2017 the social network temporarily paused to roll out access to apply for verification to improve the application and review process.

In May 2018, Twitter verified politicians introducing US election labels. And as of May 2021, Twitter announced they are back to rolling out access to request a blue badge for high-interest accounts.

The badge does not open new functions for the account owner and is not a reward. Still, it is an excellent way to protect yourself from impostors and increase the account’s reputation.

Today’s Twitter Verification Criteria

Before attempting to apply, you need to ensure your Twitter account meets the updated requirements.

Authentic. The user must confirm that the account represents the declared organization or person. To do this, you need to provide one of the following proofs:

  1. A link to the official website of the person/organization that links to the current account.
  2. An email address on the domain of this site.
  3. An identity card.

Notable. The organization or person that the account represents must be known outside of Twitter. As proof, it is necessary to have at least three mentions in the media within the last six months. It may be enough for politicians, athletes, activists, and similar accounts to prove membership in the relevant parties, sports clubs, and other organizations. The account must explicitly indicate the connection with a specific organization. 

Active. The last login to the account must be made no more than six months before submitting the verification application. There should be no temporary blockages in the account history for violating Twitter rules during the last year. The profile owner must provide the name/username, photo and confirm the email and phone number.

Individuals, organizations associated with illegal or malicious activities, parodists, and fictional characters cannot pass verification.

How to Get Verified on Twitter in 2022

Follow the steps below if you feel your brand is ready to apply for a Twitter verification badge.

1.Navigate to Settings and privacy > Your account > Account information > Request verification.

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2. Choose your category from the six eligible ones and follow the rest of the on-screen instructions. You will be asked to provide proof of the correctly selected category and verify your identity.

Once the application is submitted, you can expect a response via email within a few days.

How to Increase Chances of Successful Verification

By now, you see that the tricky part of getting verified on Twitter is making sure that your account is worthy of attention. If you are applying as a content creator or influencer, it can be challenging to determine when you will reach the right level of engagement/followers. Still, there are several strategies you can use to increase your chances of successful verification.

Fill out your Twitter profile.

This includes adding a unique profile picture and title to your account. However, it does not have to be your face; the logo works fine.

Add a Twitter link to your off-site bio.

Include a link to your Twitter profile in the bio on your company’s page, on the pages of any teams or organizations you participate in, and the biographies attached to any guest posts you write. This way, you will fulfill the requirement of having a link to your profile on the official page.

Use hashtags wisely.

Hashtags are an integral part of Twitter. Find the best hashtags for your niche to succeed in the hashtag strategy. You can also create your brand hashtag and chat hashtag for the best effect.

Create a content schedule on Twitter.

If you do not post every day, even several times a day, your content will get lost in the feed. Use a social media scheduling tool to pre-configure posts. Devote a few minutes each working day to check your feed and interact with several relevant messages. Remember about five strategies to amplify your Twitter engagement.

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Focus on consistency.

The real key to Twitter validation is to focus on consistency in all aspects of your presence. Keep an eye on your schedule, the quality of your content, and the voice of your brand.


A blue checkmark on Twitter confirms that the user is facing an authentic representation of a brand, personality, company. Such a mark can become an additional trigger for successful promotion on Twitter and proves that you are the real you. Ensure you are using your account properly that creates a credible and engaging presence for your brand.

As a platform connecting businesses and agencies with the most qualified leads, Agency Vista ensures all agencies’ experience and success are stamped with a seal of trust and confirmation. 

If you are a digital agency, you can easily prove that you are an expert. Part of this validation process requires Agency Vista’s members to connect their social media accounts, onboard and verify clients, and invite team members. Once an agency has been verified, they will receive access to the badge on their account. As a result, amplify your agency’s success by becoming verified and gaining access to many growth solutions.

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