How to Generate Converting Traffic from Twitter

Updated on December 6, 2022

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Published May 15, 2022

How to Generate Converting Traffic from Twitter
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Twitter, used by both world leaders and ordinary citizens, is a social media platform that has undoubtedly changed the way people interact. Moreover, the platform solves many different marketing and PR tasks; in particular, it allows you to communicate with the audience, inform it (for example, about new products, special promotions, contests, and more), receive traffic to external resources, distribute promotional content (videos, photos), and increase sales.

There is rarely enough information in a tweet, so users are inclined to follow the links that it contains. The task of the tweet itself is to give initial data, interest, indicate the primary meaning. To learn more, the user needs to click on the link. With 199 million daily active users, it is a gold mine for traffic if you have the right tools and strategies.

How to drive Twitter traffic that is converted into registrations, leads, and sales? Let’s see a few recommendations about optimizing your Twitter profile. 

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10 Essential Tips to Get Converting Traffic From Twitter

1. Add the URL of your website to the Twitter profile.

The more opportunities you give people to connect with you, the better. If you want to attract more traffic to your website, promote a personal blog using Twitter, or want to give your followers even more helpful information, you need to insert a URL to the Twitter profile. 

This way, you will help people find you and connect outside of the Twitter platform. First, log in to your Twitter account, click “Profile,” and “Edit your profile.” Then, scroll down to the “Web” box on the next page and type in the URL for your website or blog. Include the “HTTP” and all the other text for your URL. As you can see, just a few clicks will help you convert traffic to your website.

2. Use hashtags to generate more followers.

Using relevant hashtags for your social strategy means more people will learn about your product or service, and some of them may become your future customers.

When you put a # before an unbroken word or phrase, the tweet becomes associated with all others that include the same #.

Use them:

  • to follow competitors;
  • to tell your audience about your brand or products.

Just do not go overboard — one or two hashtags per post is enough. Otherwise, the responses will look like spam. Try to find a balance, do not add irrelevant trending #s to get the tweet viewed. Do not forget to track analytics to know which hashtags are effective and which ones are better not to use at all. This will help shape the future hashtag strategy.

3. Consider the right time to post on Twitter.

If you post on Twitter while your target audience is not active, you will not hit the bullseye. Use analytics to determine when users are most active and ready to interact with content. According to the universal statistics in terms of the best times to post on social media in 2021, you should pay attention to the following:

  • Best times: 8am-10am, 11am-1pm, 5pm-6pm
  • Best days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
  • Post frequency: Three times a day

Still, the best way to find out about the best posting time is to view your account details. Check when your most interesting tweets were posted to find the best time for future posts. You can track impressions, profile visits, the number of tweets, and more from the Twitter analytics toolbar.

4. Participate in niche Twitter chats.

Participating in Twitter discussions is the most powerful way to establish interaction and attract followers. They create a closer contact between your audience and your business. Look for posts with similar topics, join discussions with other users, share helpful information.

The organizers, as a rule, are grateful to each participant; they are happy to “follow” them, thereby placing their messages in the spotlight, which brings “likes,” retweets, and comments. If you become particularly active and helpful, you may start receiving invitations to organize and conduct chats.

5. Attract niche influencers.

Twitter is an incredibly open platform, making it an ideal tool for spreading influence. Start by tagging people from your list and asking them for feedback or if they are interested in trying a free version of the product. Then, when you contact influencers, express your thoughts briefly and politely and indicate why you are addressing them.

You can also see the profiles of users who distribute relevant content, which allows you to address them with something like: “Hey! I found this article through your tweet, so you may also be interested in my content! I would like to know your opinion.”

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6. Reshare your most successful tweets.

Creating new content and searching for ideas takes much time, so you should squeeze the most out of existing posts. Moreover, you can select the best content that your audience has already managed to evaluate.

Evergreen content is publications that do not lose their relevance over time. This is an essential element of a content strategy that can attract traffic and valuable links.

Everyone has posts that have gained the most extensive coverage and the number of reactions. You can give such a post another chance, change it a little, repost it, and check what resonates with your followers. This way, you will save time and resources and draw the audience’s attention to the most successful texts.

7. Share mentions in the news media.

If your business is mentioned in the news media, share an article, video, URL, or image on Twitter. This will make your business more legitimate for everyone who views your profile and shows potential followers that many other people already know about your company and enjoy your products and services.

It is an excellent solution to communicate your success to your audience. You should also include the link to your website and the backlinks, which will lead your subscribers to the source when clicked.

8. Pin a tweet.

If you have made a beautiful advertising post or want information about your services not to slide down when adding fresh posts, you must pin the tweet on Twitter.

Twitter allows you to pin any of your tweets to the top of your profile page. Just find the tweet you want to pin, click the arrow icon in the upper right corner of that tweet and click “Pin to your profile.” The pinned tweet will be the first one when scrolling through your feed.

While users can pin any Tweet, it is best to pin those leading to high-converting pages, e.g., a landing page or a signup page.

9. Maintain a high posting frequency.

It is necessary to stick to a specific publication schedule to attract the reader’s attention and stay visible.

For example, if it is an information or news resource, posting on current topics daily, one to ten tweets is recommended. If it is an advertising one, then your publications should appear weekly. Finally, if the post concerns psychological or social issues, it is best to post such publications whenever required: each tweet is posted no earlier than a decrease in the number of comments and discussions.

Remember, consistency is vital, so regular content posting should be your goal to attract additional traffic.

Vista Social offers to organize your scheduled posts visually with a beautiful publishing calendar. Specify what kind of content you are looking for and how frequently to publish, and the tool will do the rest! 

10. Ask your audience for clicks and shares.

It is OK to ask your followers to take the action you need. Do not be afraid to ask the audience to share a post or click the link to get details and more. Moreover, the call for such an action can be placed in the part of the content that evokes emotions.

Agree that such a phrase as “If you think this information might be useful to your friends or followers, please share it with them” is not the case to irritate your followers. 

When asking your audience to perform any action, specify the reason for this. Of course, there is nothing wrong with just asking to like or comment, but a reasonable request is much more convincing.


The number of active users on Twitter increases every day, so you should not miss such a large chunk of the target audience. The combination of proper content planning, interaction with other users, and profile optimization is the key to increasing the quality of traffic to your website.

When you invest in a marketing strategy on Twitter, you want your efforts to achieve your goals. And it does not matter whether they aim to increase traffic on your site, increase conversions, or increase brand awareness.

Vista Social will help you optimize and summarize your work on Twitter. Get a deeper view of how Twitter drives site traffic. Start your free trial to evaluate the tool’s features.

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