How to Find and Customize Rich Text Fonts on Social Media

Updated on July 6, 2022

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Marketing @ Vista Social

Published June 24, 2022

How to Find and Customize Rich Text Fonts on Social Media
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Did you know that you can add different fonts to your social media captions? Fonts can influence your audience, their emotions, and deliver an impactful message. Vista Social is excited to offer Rich Text fonts to elevate your design elements when scheduling your post. 

How to Find and Customize Rich Text Fonts on Your Social Media with Vista Social

Social media lets you take your personality up a million notches and grab people’s attention. Make an impression with Rich Text fonts that let you bold messages like quotes or sale announcements to drive action. 

A well-crafted post caption can be used to serve your business by:

  • Increasing your website traffic
  • Helping you get more social media followers
  • Growing your sales

Vista Social has put together everything you need to know about Rich Text fonts and some ideas for adding them to your next social media post! 

Table of contents

What are Rich Text Fonts?

Rich text supports text formatting like italics, bold, and underlining, as well as different types of font. 

Why is Typography so Important on Social Media?

Having Rich Text font on your social media shapes your brand’s story and personality, which in turn helps your followers interact with your content and take the desired action. 

Script font on Instagram | Vista Social

Compelling captions can create more engagement, which is critical when it comes to a social media network’s algorithm. A typographically well-formatted caption ensures that the focus remains on the content, not the effort required to read it.

Before diving into caption writing, go back to the primary goals of your social strategy and let them guide you. Common social media goals include:

  • Increasing your brand awareness
  • Driving traffic to your website
  • Generating new leads
  • Growing your revenue
  • Boosting engagement
  • Building a community around your brand

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What Different Types of Fonts Mean & How to Use Them

Every font has a unique personality and purpose. While crafting your social media caption, it’s crucial to know which font matches the intended tone of your post. 

Now, let’s take a look at the Rich Text font categories available on Vista Social—and some ideas on how you can incorporate them into your next caption.

Sans Serif

Sans are typically viewed as cool, sleek, and modern. Because of their prominence in the tech world, sans serif fonts are also strongly associated with being cutting edge and tech-savvy.

Sans Serif vs Serif | Vista Social

This is the default font on Instagram, with a close association with the font Neue Helvetica.

Some of the associations and emotional responses you can expect from using a sans serif font in your designs include:

  • Straightforward
  • Modern
  • Trust
  • Sophisticated
  • Tech-focused
  • Cutting-edge


Script fonts are much more elaborate and detailed than other font categories; they lend a “special” look and feel that can elevate designs to a more elegant and sophisticated level. Because they replicate handwriting, they also have a more personal touch than other typefaces.

How to Find and Customize Rich Text Fonts on Your Social Media with Vista Social

They all feel personalized and hand-created (great for personal branding) while still being streamlined and graceful. One way that script font can be incorporated into your caption is by using it to sign off a personalized caption from a member of the company, like a message from the CEO. 

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Bolded text is used to capture the readers’ attention by highlighting important information. The bold tag is typically used for putting a strong emphasis on a keyword.

How to Find and Customize Rich Text Fonts on Your Social Media with Vista Social

Use bold for the most important points in your caption. Whereas italics are used for emphasis, bold should be used to capture attention. This can be anything from highlighting a discount code, sales announcement, or deadline (i.e., participating in a contest). 


Monospace font is a font in which all the individual characters or letters of a word have the same spacing horizontally. 

Most fonts use proportional spacing or kerning to ensure that the shape of entire words is more recognizable, making it easier to read and scan large portions of text. However, monospaced fonts aim to do something very different as they focus solely on the individual characters themselves.

Monospace font | Vista Social

Suppose you think about a spreadsheet or financial statement where there is a need for clear and easy-to-read numbers. In that case, you will often see monospaced fonts used because it becomes easier to distinguish numbers at a glance, and fixed-width numbers tend to sit more neatly in a column-style layout.


Gothic font is a style of lettering that is popular as a font (or typeface) for artistic projects and other uses. One place you may recognize this font is in Newspapers. The title font for the newspapers like The New York Times uses an old-style Blackletter font, also called Old English or Gothic.

Gothic font | Vista Social

Why are these publications still using the same fonts after so long? Because the readers have an affective attachment to these fonts and feel a sense of connection.

Gothic font is also used frequently on official documents, such as a wedding certificates. So, for brands in those industries, you can incorporate Gothic font as your headline to grab the reader’s attention while staying on brand across your marketing communication channels. 

How to Add Rich Text Fonts in Your Caption with Vista Social

With decreasing attention spans, people tend to skim content online and look for keywords that stand out to them. Adding Rich Text font in your caption is a great way to capture your audience’s attention with the key messages of the post. 

Ready to get started? Get the full details below!

Compose Your Post in Vista Social’s Publisher

Once you’ve added your media and tagged the necessary accounts, it’s time to add your caption! In the text box, craft your caption — make sure to add some personality to your post with emojis and hashtags.

How to Find and Customize Rich Text Fonts on Your Social Media

Before deciding which Rich Text font you want to add to your post, remember what the overall message is trying to convey. Use the above examples of how to use each font to guide your followers to complete the desired action (i.e., clicking the link in your bio, liking the post, saving the post as inspiration). 

Vista Social’s intuitive Publisher provides you with a word count for each social media network. Remember that on Instagram, after a couple of lines of Text, Instagram hides the rest of your caption behind a “more” link, so include important details in the beginning.

Rich Text fonts allow you to show off your brand personality and simplify understanding messages for your audience. 

Wrapping Up

Consistency is key when branding a business and ensures that your company stays top of mind for your audience. Your caption should be easy to read, so we don’t recommend using Rich Text font for your entire caption. 

Instead, use these fonts to highlight important keywords or messages in your caption so the people that skim through can quickly digest your information. 

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