How to Create an Instagram Thread: Best Practices for Instagram Threads

Updated on July 6, 2023

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Marketing @ Vista Social

Published July 6, 2023

How to Create an Instagram Thread: Best Practices for Instagram Threads
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ICYMI: If you want to make waves in the new, dynamic world of social media, it’s time to learn how to create an Instagram thread.

Zuckerberg’s latest launch, Instagram Threads, rivals Twitter. It’s a cool space for all – businesses, creators, or just social media users.

Guide to Instagram Threads

You can deep-dive into topics or weave stories. But how to engage, get shares, and offer value? We have the ultimate guide to Instagram Threads!

We’ll show you how to create an Instagram thread that pops. We’ll cover everything, from the first post to keeping your audience hooked.

So, shall we get to it? Let’s explore best practices for Instagram threads.

Create an Instagram Thread

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Table of contents

Why Create an Instagram Thread?

With the buzz around the new text-based platform, Instagram Threads, you might be wondering: Why should I bother creating an Instagram Thread?

Well, the answer lies in the shifting landscape of social media.

The Current State of Twitter in 2023

Twitter, for a long time, has been the go-to platform for real-time conversation, news updates, and viral content. But recent studies indicate a growing disenchantment among its users.


A recent report by Pew Research discovered that a whopping 69% of women and 67% of black Twitter users were more likely to take breaks from the platform. Additionally, a staggering 25% of Twitter users don’t expect to still be using Twitter over the next 12 months.

While Twitter dominates among U.S. journalists for work-related tasks, the general public tells a different story. In terms of news consumption, more U.S. adults (31%) flock to Facebook regularly, while only 13% turn to Twitter despite its popularity among journalists.

Even more intriguing, a mere 25% of Twitter users produce a staggering 97% of all tweets. These stats paint a clear picture: Twitter is facing a considerable engagement crisis, creating a prime opportunity for a rival platform to rise and seize the day.

Enter: Instagram Threads. 👀

Why Use Instagram Threads?

As an offshoot of Instagram, it already boasts a massive user base and high engagement rates. But, unlike its predecessor, Threads allows for in-depth, text-based discussions that were previously reserved for platforms like Twitter.

One significant issue Instagram users have wrestled with over the years is the lack of clickable links in captions and comments, which hinders driving traffic elsewhere.

But, with Instagram Threads, this hurdle is a thing of the past. Each post within your thread can drive your audience to a desired destination, creating a seamless path from engagement to conversion.

So, why create an Instagram Thread? Simple. It provides a fresh, exciting platform to engage with your audience, express your thoughts, and yes, even rival the Twitter-sphere.

With Instagram Threads, you have the chance to ride the wave of this innovative platform, and who knows? You might just create the next viral thread. 🌟

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How to Create an Instagram Thread: A Step-by-Step Guide

Alright, pals, grab a coffee, and let’s get real about how to write an Instagram Thread.

It’s like the wild west out there, full of GIFs, emojis, and some rather eager brands. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 🤠

#1: Start a New Thread

Ready to jump in? Tap that little write icon in the center of your menu bar. A prompt will pop up, asking you to start a new thread.

The Beginner’s Guide to Instagram Threads in 2023

#2: Add Your Media

Now’s your time to shine. You can add photos, videos, links, or even GIFs to your opening post.

Remember, first impressions matter, so choose something that’s going to grab your audience’s attention and make them want to stick around.

Use Threads to tell stories, share experiences, or offer insights. Save the hard sell for later – if your content is engaging and valuable, your followers will naturally be interested in what you have to offer.

#3: Hit Post

Once you’ve perfected your Instagram Threads post, simply hit ‘Post’! Your Thread will automatically be published to your profile.

PSA: Not every Instagram Thread post needs to be a full thread – you can just make a status too!

#4: Engage

Set it and forget it? Don’t know her!

Instagram Threads are a super hot network right now and the best way to get the most amount of engagement on your Thread is by interacting with others!

And there you have it, the initial guide on how to write an Instagram Thread. It’s still early days, and the landscape is ripe for experimentation.

So go ahead, test the waters, and see what works best for you and your audience. Happy threading! 🧵

Instagram Threads Examples & Tips to Drive Engagement

When it comes to Instagram Threads, driving engagement is the name of the game.

To inspire you and provide actionable tips, let’s explore some successful examples from different brands and personalities:

#1: Netflix

Instagram Threads Examples

Current Bio: “Is Beyoncé here yet?”

Netflix knows how to capture attention with a relatable bio that sparks curiosity. Create a bio that grabs attention and reflects your brand’s personality.

Craft engaging posts that tap into relatable experiences or emotions to encourage your audience to join the conversation.

#2: Spotify

Instagram Threads Examples

Bio: “Music, podcasts, and audiobooks for every moment”

Craft a bio that showcases what makes your brand unique and valuable. Incorporate humor and relevant memes that resonate with your audience to make your content more engaging.

#3: Betches Media

Create an Instagram Thread

Bio: POV: you’re the funniest one in the group chat

This further emphasizes the importance of using humor and relatable content to connect with your audience on Instagram Threads.

Create posts that capture common situations, experiences, or funny moments that your followers can relate to.

#4: Vista Social

Instagram Threads Examples
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Bio: Social media management YOUR way. 💙 Check out the platform for free (no credit card required):

Be approachable and use conversational language in your posts. Invite your audience to engage by asking questions, seeking their opinions, or encouraging them to share their thoughts and experiences. can elevate your Instagram game with Vista Social today! Sign up for free now.

#5: Kris Jenner

Instagram Threads Examples

Bio: krisjenner

Incorporate visual content like GIFs to add a personal touch to your posts. Use GIFs or other visual elements that align with your brand’s image and resonate with your audience’s interests.

Best Practices for Instagram Threads

Creating an effective Instagram Thread involves employing strategies that are relevant, relatable, and engaging.

Follow these best practices to write an effective Instagram Thread that will resonate with your audience:

1. Be Relevant, Relatable, and Funny

To capture your audience’s attention, infuse your Instagram Thread with content that is relevant to their interests. Craft posts that tap into their experiences, challenges, or aspirations.

Additionally, incorporating humor can create a sense of relatability and encourage active engagement.

2. Provide Value and Avoid Being Overly Salesy

Deliver content that adds value to your audience’s feed. Whether you’re sharing tips, insights, or informative content, focus on providing information that is helpful, educational, or entertaining.

Create an Instagram Thread

Avoid being overly salesy, as users are more receptive to content that offers genuine value without constant promotional messages.

3. Utilize Gifs or Meme-Style Media

Visual elements like gifs or meme-style media can add a touch of personality and enhance engagement in your Instagram Threads.

Utilize these visual assets strategically to complement your posts, convey emotions, and create a more interactive and entertaining experience for your audience.

4. Use Links Thoughtfully

While Instagram has limitations on linking within captions or comments, use links thoughtfully in your Instagram Threads.

Create an Instagram Thread

Incorporate relevant and valuable links that provide additional resources, direct users to relevant content, or drive traffic to your website or other platforms. Use calls-to-action to guide your audience to explore further.

5. Engage, Engage, Engage

Engagement is key to building a thriving Instagram Thread. Encourage your audience to participate by asking questions, seeking opinions, or even running contests or challenges within your thread.

Respond to comments, acknowledge and appreciate your audience’s contributions, and create a sense of community by fostering meaningful interactions.

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#2: Trust the Experts

Over 1.9 million social media profiles trust Vista Social to manage their Instagram presence.

The best Instagram Threads tool

From creators to agencies, and industry giants like Sony Music, Vista Social has proven its worth time and time again. When it comes to Instagram, they’ve got you covered.

#3: Curate with Ease

Planning your Instagram feed becomes a breeze with Vista Social’s user-generated content curation.

Instagram Feed Planner

Their visual planner allows you to effortlessly curate and preview your feed, ensuring a cohesive and visually stunning aesthetic.

#4: Streamline Publishing

With Vista Social’s auto-publishing feature, forget about setting alarms and reminders.

When to Post on Instagram Threads

You can schedule your content in advance, and Vista Social will take care of publishing it at the optimal time. Say goodbye to manual posting and hello to hassle-free publishing.

#5: AI-Powered Content Generation

Vista Social leverages the power of AI with their integration of ChatGPT.

Social Media AI Caption Generator

Craft captivating captions and responses with ease, thanks to AI-generated suggestions. This helps you save time and boost engagement with your audience.

#6: Dedicated Instagram Analytics

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Instagram Tools for Creators

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While we eagerly await the availability of the Instagram Threads API, Vista Social remains your go-to tool for Instagram management.

They have the experience, the features, and the trust of millions of users. So, why wait?

Create an Instagram Thread

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