How Often Should You Post on Social Media in 2022?

Feb 5, 2022

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Anna Hughes

Content Writer @ Vista Social

How Often Should You Post on Social Media in 2022?
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As a social media user, there are various reasons why you post and want to keep posting consistently. It’s either you want to increase your brand awareness, increase your popularity, drive traffic to your website or sell/promote a product or service.

But if you haven’t yet wondered, “how often should you post on social media?” then you should do a re-check.

With the announcement by Mark Zuckerberg about Facebook’s new name, ‘meta’, the wide popularity of TikTok, and the expansion of Patreon, we do have a lot on our plate. And 2022 is bound to be a pretty interesting year.

We’re talking about more social media time, improved social media experience, more businesses on social media, and so on.

So to keep up, how often should you post on social media in 2022? You don’t want to overwhelm your followers, neither do you want to be forgotten amidst thousands of posts.

This is an important question if you are going to trend or create value or make as much money off social media as you’d like. And that’s why we’re here – to provide answers. So keep reading to find out how often you should post on social media in 2022.

How Often Should You Post On Instagram?

With Instagram, you want to gain popularity, relevancy, and great user relationships.

So generally, it is recommended that you post 2 to 3 feed posts weekly and 2 stories daily. This is enough to build a good following on this social media platform.

Instagram Chief Adam Mosseri, during Instagram’s creator week in 2021, suggested this as ideal. Now, if he said it, then it likely is true.

Instagram has over 3.76 billion visits daily, with over 500 million people using stories. Of this number, about 81% of users are those who research products and services. And since the average person spends 30 minutes on Instagram, you want to grab any user within that 30-minute window.

So, as a business owner, you should post 3 posts every 2 days on your feed. By doing this, you can also keep up with the competition, which can be tough. Nonetheless, a social media marketing agency can help big time.

Instagram is all about pictures and videos. So tailor your efforts to posting top-quality pictures and videos. And be real all the time. Give your viewers a behind-the-scenes experience of what your company is about.

How Often Should You Post On Facebook/Meta?

Here’s where we’re pulling out the big guns.

Generally, it is recommended that you post 1 to 2 times daily on Facebook. It’s not about bamboozling your readers with tens of posts which can be overwhelming. But it’s about giving them quality posts that can make them take whatever action you intend.

Facebook ranks the highest in meaningful interactions. And recently, the company launched its new name, meta, with a long-term plan to establish a metaverse. Talk about more engagements on social media and more businesses if you play your cards right.

Facebook is also the third most visited website in the world, and the average user spends 33 minutes on Facebook daily. 

However, with this new development (meta/metaverse), if Facebook was ever trendy, it just got trendier. Everyone is logging in to see the new features and updates, and you should take advantage of that.

In fact, in gathering funds for metaverse, meta has new features that enable group administrators to create community fundraisers. Also, they can operate e-commerce shops and charge subscriptions for special subgroups.

This is a great upgrade for businesses and creators. And you want to take advantage of this by offering more quality posts than ever before, steadily.

Go to Facebook Page Insights to know your audience. Here you’ll see who interacts and views your content.

How Often Should You Post on Twitter?

It is recommended that you post 5 to 10 tweets daily on Twitter. That’s enough to propel engagement.

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With Twitter, you can’t rattle on and on, so you want your posts short, engaging, and straight to the point. Tweets are filtered based on time posted and user relevance.

So, when posting on Twitter, ask questions to capture user interests. Use hashtags to get a broader reach, share inspiring quotes. And make your posts as interesting as possible with images, GIFs, and so on.

The average user in the U.S.A spends 176 minutes on Twitter, monthly. And different issues trend on Twitter daily, so to remain relevant and create traffic on your page, you should tweet frequently.

Tweets have a short lifespan, so you want to spread out your tweets. So with each disappearing tweet, you have one to replace it.

Always remember that a third of tweets promote your business, a third share personal stories, and a third are insightful posts from professionals or influencers.

How Often Should You Post On LinkedIn?

Content on LinkedIn is ranked by engagement and mutual connections. So with more frequent posting on LinkedIn comes greater engagement and higher traction. To achieve this, it is recommended that you post 1 to 5 times daily on LinkedIn.

40 million job seekers use LinkedIn, 12% of Americans check LinkedIn several times a day. And brands that post weekly enjoy double the rate of engagement.

Text-only content works best on LinkedIn. Lace your posts with emojis and hashtags. Then to increase engagements, take advantage of LinkedIn polls and aim to elicit comments from readers.

How Often Should You Post On TikTok?

TikTok is super trending, with lots of videos on different themes and subjects tailored to different audiences.

So to keep up with all the buzz, you should upload at least one video per day on TikTok. A recommended optimal experience will be 3 times per day.

How Often Should You Post On YouTube?

Making videos to upload on YouTube takes time, so no pressure. Okay, maybe just a little. By ‘little’, we are talking about posting at least once a week.

A quick tip: you can create a stash of videos that you upload weekly.

However, if you can’t meet up with the weekly target, no problem. You shouldn’t post bad videos just because you want to post weekly. The rule of the game always is consistency and quality, fit for a targeted audience.

Whatever the social media platform, a general tip is to have some hours pass between posts. Do not share your posts in quick succession to avoid losing followers.

Remember that despite the numbers, there really isn’t any hard and fast rule; these are recommendations. What works for one brand may not work for the other.

The important thing to note is:

  • Consistency beats frequency.
  • Always go for content quality rather than quantity. Gen Zs spot fake news or unhelpful content easily. So posting fake or unhelpful content can easily push you to the background.
  • Don’t miss out on special days and holidays.
  • Have objectives for your social media with which you’ll be able to measure your social media success rate. A good social media strategy will help you achieve this.

Despite knowing this, trying to post useful content consistently requires a lot of discipline and commitment. To put it bluntly, it can be a chore.

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