Heropost vs. Hootsuite vs. Vista Social Comparison: 2024

Updated on January 26, 2024

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Published November 22, 2022

Heropost vs. Hootsuite vs. Vista Social Comparison: 2024
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Heropost vs Hootsuite vs Vista Socialwhich one should you pick? 

Your social media management solution can make or break the success of your campaigns. 

Heropost is a growing solution designed to make content management, discovery, and scheduling as seamless as possible. Hootsuite, on the other hand, is a popular SMM platform that’s been around for years.

The question is, how do they stack up against Vista Social—the most flexible, affordable, and feature-packed SMM platform ever conceived for marketers, small businesses, large enterprises, and agencies?

Let’s find out. 

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Bottom line: Why specialists and agencies switch to Vista Social

“While some tools compare well to Vista Social (Agorapulse, Sprout), they are way too expensive. Some tools are inexpensive (i.e. Buffer) but they fall short on features.” — Jessica H., Social Media Marketing Specialist on G2

Vista Social is the most affordable, scalable, and feature-packed social media management software on the web—period. 

Despite our unbelievably affordable pricing, we have features that exceed what other big-name SMM platforms offer. This includes innovative features like:

  • Direct short-form video publishing (TikTok, Instagram Reels, Facebook Reels, etc.)
  • Font customization
  • Audience targeting
  • Custom social media analytics reporting (with competitor analysis) 
  • TikTok trending audios
  • Twitter thread publishing
  • Automated content curation streams
  • Ideal posting time suggestions

Of course, our platform also covers common social media marketing features, such as post scheduling, conversation tracking, social media monitoring through social listening, and third-party integrations.

Heropost vs Hootsuite vs Vista Social: feature overview

Heropost, Hootsuite, and Vista Social have one thing in common: they can help you generate web traffic from multiple social media networks. 

However, one of them is way better at the job than the rest. 

Read the overview below for a hint. 

App overview: Heropost — Bulk scheduler for multiple social media networks

Heropost's home page
Image Source: Heropost.io

Heropost is one of the new Hootsuite alternatives that liven up the competition. 

It’s a social media management platform that can help you build a social media calendar for a range of networks. It also includes content discovery from stock photo sites, in-app image editing, and basic automation functions for Pinterest and Instagram. 

Heropost-supported networks: 

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube 
  • Reddit 
  • Google Business 
  • Tumblr
  • Telegram

App overview: Hootsuite — A management platform for your social media accounts

Hootsuite's home page
Image Source: Hootsuite.com

Hootsuite is an old and popular social media management tool that helped social media managers with multi-account management and accomplish marketing goals over the years. But whether or not it aged like fine wine (or milk) is for you to discover.

Hootsuite has post scheduling, social media analytics, conversation tracking, brand tracking, and content planning features.

Hootsuite-supported networks: 

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn 
  • Pinterest

App overview: Vista Social — Modern, innovative, feature-packed, yet insanely affordable

Vista Social's home page

Vista Social is a sophisticated yet affordable, all-in-one social media management platform with everything you expect from top-tier social media marketing tools.

Our software lets you schedule posts, integrate accounts from a range of networks, collect user reviews, curate content, and track analytics. 

We are also the first to release cutting-edge features like direct short-form video publishing, TikTok trending audio suggestions, font customization, audience targeting, Twitter thread publishing, video editing through Vista Create, and more. 

All that for the most affordable price tag in the market.

We have a free plan, but our Standard package is yours for just $39 a month.

With it, you can link up to 8 social media profiles, schedule as many posts as you like, and even get a hand from our AI writing buddy, among other cool features.

Vista Social supported networks: 

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Reddit
  • TikTok 
  • Pinterest
  • Google Business
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Bitly
  • Trustpilot
  • Yelp
  • TripAdvisor
  • OpenTable

What makes Vista Social special?

Vista Social provides more value for your investment than every other platform in the market. 

In addition to possessing enterprise-level tools that social media marketing teams and agencies need, we outpace every competitor in the innovation department.

Just check our transparent product roadmap here. You’ll get an idea of where our development team’s time is spent. 

Use direct publishing to Facebook/Instagram reels, use product tagging, attach trending sounds to videos, use two-factor authentication, and many more. 

Our lineup of features is unlocked for everyone right out of the box, starting at $3 for one profile per month.

Ready to give your content workflow and posts a major upgrade? Try AI Assistant powered by ChatGPT today! 🤖💙

Key features comparison

Heropost vs Hootsuite vs Vista Social

Heropost has features that Hootsuite doesn’t have and vice versa. 

However, none of them offer anything important that Vista Social can’t match. 

Whether it’s reputation management, visual content editing, or online collaboration—Vista Social has a powerful tool for that. Not to mention the industry-shaping features we introduce via updates. 

For example, we were the first to feature direct publishing on the following channels: 

  • TikTok (Heropost still doesn’t have this)
  • Instagram Reels
  • Facebook Reels

Before this, social media management platforms only send notifications when it’s time to publish posts. In other words, they only functioned like glorified alarm clocks.

Apart from the aspect of possessing unique features, there are other factors to consider when investing in social media management software.

Social media management tool comparison

Here’s a detailed comparison of Heropost, Hootsuite, and Vista Social in terms of usability, customer support, unique features, and pricing. 

1. Usability

Heropost is a modern platform that will help you get everything done in a central dashboard. 

However, it takes a while to be familiar with Heropost’s unusual layout. 

Because reports and actions are grouped per social profile, the interface looks busy. Instead of a single tool for all networks, each network has its own sub-menu of tools.

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Heropost's dashboard
Image Source: Heropost.io

Adding social media accounts also requires a different button for each network. It’s not a productivity killer, but it’s not as streamlined as platforms like Vista Social (check out our “Quick Add” feature below). 

For bulk scheduling, you can use the “Publish All” tool. Select your profiles from the left panel and build your post using the editor. 

Don’t forget to set a manual schedule for each post. As of writing, Heropost doesn’t support automated posting schedules or provide optimal posting time recommendations. 

Heropost doesn’t support automated posting schedules
Image Source: Heropost.io

Next up, Hootsuite provides adequate usability with its clean and organized dashboard. 

Right out of the gate, Hootsuite shows your “Social Score,” which grades your client’s overall social media performance. This identifies priority objectives that demand your team’s attention. 

Hootsuite’s post editor also looks organized and functional. You can upload attachments, add text, enter suggested hashtags, and schedule your post in the same window.

Hootsuite's post editor
Image Source: Hootsuite.com

Use the main menu to the left to navigate Hootsuite. Track analytics, manage ad campaigns, check data streams, and prepare your content calendar by going to the right page. 

With Vista Social, you only need one tool to perform key tasks: “Quick Add.”

Just click ‘Quick Add’ from the main menu to schedule posts, connect social media profiles, create profile groups, or add team members.

Vista Social's Quick Add tool

Connect social media networks and review platforms by choosing a profile group and clicking the platform’s icon. Supply your client’s login credentials and grant the necessary permissions to complete this step.

Connect your social profiles

To schedule posts, select the profiles you want to use and build your post. 

Use Vista Social’s advanced features like first likes, automated comments, location tagging, and other network-specific options from the preview panel. Access other tools like the font customizer and hashtag recommendations from the main post editor. 

Use Vista Social’s advanced features

Verdict: Vista Social wins 

Although Hootsuite is decent in the usability aspect, Vista Social provides heavy-duty features in a user-friendly manner. 

The flexible preview panel is particularly helpful. Apart from showing what your post will look like once live, it houses advanced tools that can boost the performance of scheduled posts. 

2. Customer support

Heropost only relies on live chat to provide support to its customers. 

Their support channel is available 24 hours from Monday to Friday. And while it’s easy and quick to reach a live rep, the lack of alternative support options can be problematic. 

Currently, Heropost has a limited library of self-learning resources, such as a knowledge base or FAQ section. Their YouTube channel also hasn’t been updated in a while, which means they’re highly unlikely to cover issues with their platforms’ newer versions.

Heropost's customer support
Image Source: Heropost.io

Hootsuite’s customer support fares better in terms of options. Connect with one of their support agents through their on-site contact form and social media support channels (mainly Facebook and Twitter). 

Hootsuite users also have a library of learning resources at their disposal. Watch webinars, browse their resource library, or sign up for Hootsuite Academy for in-depth social media management skills through the platform. 

Sign up for Hootsuite Academy
Image Source: Hootsuite.com

Lastly, Vista Social lets you reach customer support specialists through Twitter and our online contact form. Once connected, go into the details of your query via live chat, video call, or email. 

Our website also comes with a comprehensive help center with step-by-step instructions. Find learning resources under topics like billing, profile management, scheduling, listening, analytics, and review management. 

Vista Social lets you reach customer support specialists through Twitter and their online contact form

Verdict: Vista Social wins since it’s easy to connect with a live human.

Hootsuite Academy is nice, but it’s not as efficient as talking to a product expert via video call. 

Discuss your client’s specific business needs to get tailored recommendations. You’re also guaranteed to find the right solution to their problems.

Not to mention that everyone on Vista Social gets priority support—unlike Hootsuite which only offers it to teams with their most expensive “Business” plan.  

P.S. Heropost’s chat-only support can be helpful, but it’s very limited. You can’t even reach their agents on weekends. 

3. Unique features

Heropost and Hootsuite have a few noteworthy features outside of the essentials (scheduling, analytics, collaboration, etc.). 

Heropost unique features: 

  • Hashtag research tool. Build a list of hashtag ideas for your social media content strategy. It’s not as convenient as Vista Social’s real-time hashtag suggestions, but it works. 
  • Profile link and QR code generator. Manage links in your client’s profile bios or use them to generate a QR code for faster access. Customize your QR code’s color, branding elements, and size using the visual editor. 
  • Automatic watermark for images. Instill your client’s brand into their content using Heropost’s automated watermark tool. Upload your logo, choose its size, set its opacity, and select its position. 

Hootsuite unique features: 

  • Employee advocacy solutions. Turn employees into brand advocates with Hootsuite’s employee advocacy add-on. This is only available with their most expensive “Business” and “Enterprise” plans. 
  • Training and consulting. Enterprise users can get consulting and training tailored to their specific needs. The customized onboarding add-on also helps agencies and businesses make the most out of Hootsuite. 
  • Ad campaign management. Again, ad campaign management is only available to enterprise users. Manage up to 10 ad profiles (or add more for a price) straight from your Hootsuite dashboard. 

Vista Social unique features: 

  • Generate highly customizable reports (available with the Pro+ plan). Send reports that showcase the meaningful results your agency produced. Our reporting analytics features allow you to add or remove certain parts of your reports so you can build out and customize your reports.
  • TikTok trending audio. Boost the discoverability of your TikTok videos with trending audio recommendations. Audio tracks can be added from the Vista Social post editor. 
  • Font customization. Convey your message more impactfully with custom fonts. Highlight specific CTAs or power words to drive action. 
  • Automate content curation. Create “Smart Publishers” that automatically discover and schedule curated content from various sources. Pull content from blog RSS feeds, news sites, hashtag search results, and more. 
  • Twitter thread publishing. Use up to five automated comments to auto-publish a Twitter thread. This lets you exceed Twitter’s 280-character limit. 

Heropost vs Hootsuite vs Vista Social: Pricing

To wrap up this post, let’s compare each platform’s pricing packages: 

Need a free plan? 

Hootsuite and Vista Social both offer a free version that lets you test the platforms’ basic features. However, Vista Social’s free plan supports more social accounts and grants more features. 

Heropost doesn’t offer a free plan, but it has a 24-hour free trial version.

Managing 20 social media accounts?

Heropost allows usage for unlimited accounts on three pricing tiers: 

  • 6 months: $497
  • 12 months: $997
  • Lifetime deal: $197

With Hootsuite, you can manage up to 20 social media accounts with the “Team” plan with a pricing starting point of $249 per month. 

But if you go with Vista Social, 20 accounts will only cost you $60 per month with the Pro plan.

Vista Social brings you the most value.

Vista Social is objectively the most flexible SMM platform for everyone— from the smallest businesses to the largest enterprises. 

With the $3 per profile pricing structure, you don’t have to worry about overspending for an SMM subscription. 

The cost will only grow as you land more clients. In other words, Vista Social is guaranteed to pay for itself and more. Take Vista Social for a spin by creating a free account today.

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