AI Assistant Fueled by ChatGPT Plus Dynamic Content Tools for Marketers

Updated on March 27, 2023

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Marketing @ Vista Social

Published February 9, 2023

AI Assistant Fueled by ChatGPT Plus Dynamic Content Tools for Marketers
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Major content hack: AI Assistant powered by ChatGPT plus dynamic content tools for marketers can now be used in Vista Social! 

dynamic content Vista Social

Get all of the ChatGPT magic right in Vista Social, PLUS dynamic content creation, post scheduling, reporting and analytics, social listening, and review management tools. 🀯

Dynamic content enables businesses to quickly produce and publish unique content for each social network using AI-generated text or custom post captions.

Being prepared with ready-to-go content is key to making the most of social media conversations and establishing your brand as a thought leader. 

Don’t miss out on connecting with your audience and standing out on social media. Join now for free to experience the wonders of Vista Social! πŸͺ„

Table of contents

What is dynamic content on social media?

Dynamic content is the creation of images or videos based on text prompts that can dynamically change to fit each social network.

dynamic content Vista Social

People often use this form of content to enhance the user experience, increase engagement, and convey information in an interactive and engaging way.

Advancements in AI have made variable content on social media more popular and widely used across various industries.

Now, brands can jump into conversations as they’re happening on social media––without the stress of scrambling to create content and get it out on time.

And if video is more your style, check out this short video:

Why is dynamic content on social media important?

Dynamic content on social media personalizes user experience, keeps content fresh and engaging, improves brand image, increases engagement, and drives conversions.

It helps convey emotions and movements, making it a more effective tool for marketing, storytelling, and entertainment. 

Plus, social media algorithms tend to prioritize dynamic content in their newsfeeds, increasing its visibility and reach to a wider audience! 🌎

AI Assistant powered by ChatGPT technology Vista Social

Ready to give your content workflow and posts a major upgrade? Try AI Assistant powered by ChatGPT today! πŸ€–πŸ’™

How to use dynamic content in Vista Social?

Vista Social makes it easy to create and publish dynamic content across all social networks. Here’s how to get started:

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1. Open the Publisher

There are a few ways to open the Publisher; you can choose whichever workflow is best for you:

  • Select Publish from the main dashboard and select Publish a single post from the drop-down.
  • Or, select Calendar from the main dashboard and select the date you’d like the post to be published

2. Choose your content type

First, select the camera or video icon under the caption box. Then, click on either ‘+ add video’ or ‘+ add image.’

Vista Social dynamic video

A drop-down will appear with the bottom option as ‘Dynamic video’ or ‘Dynamic image,’ based on your previous selection. Choose your dynamic content type!

3. Create your post caption

Create dynamic content using your post caption or AI-generated text.

If you’re using the AI Assistant, enter a text prompt that describes what you’d like the caption to be.

Here are some ways to use the AI Assistant:

  • πŸ“Personalize by location: Create captions tailored to each location for more personalization.
  • 🈺 Translate your text: Quickly and more accurately translate your text, making it easier to reach a global audience.
  • πŸ”„ Repurpose high-performing posts: Get more value from existing content by repurposing high-performing posts to reach a new audience.
  • 🀏 Shorten text to improve readability: Shorter posts perform better and become more likely to be read and shared.
  • πŸ“‘ Expand on important messaging: Ensure clarity with your target audience by expanding on key messages.
  • πŸ“Š Add fact-checked stats: Including stats supports claims and increases the credibility of messages on social media.
  • 🀣 Use humor to boost engagement: Funny posts capture attention and increase the chances of content being shared.

4. Customize your dynamic content

With Vista Social, the customization options for your Dynamic Video are endless! You have the freedom to select:

  • The size of your video
  • A trending sound or custom sound for the video
  • Either a dark or light theme
  • A gradient or solid color for the background
  • Plus, tweak the width, scale, roundness, and shadow of the content box, which is where your post’s caption will reside (more on that to come!).

PSA: With Dynamic Video, not only will Vista Social automatically update your profile name, handle, and photo when attaching to a post, but you also have the option to conceal the profile picture and information if desired.

Try it today!

Vista Social’s, dynamic content tool is truly a game-changer for creating visually appealing and interactive content.

With its customization options and ability to automatically update profile information, creating dynamic content has never been easier.

Whether you’re looking to make a statement or just spice up your social media feed, Vista Social has got you covered. πŸ€©πŸ’™

Give it a try and see the magic unfold! Sign up for free today.

About the Author

Marketing @ Vista Social

Brittany Garlin serves as the Head of Marketing at Vista Social, the leading social media suite that's pushing the boundaries of innovation. Steering the platform to achieve an impressive milestone of over 2 million connected social profiles, Brittany's expertise has been acknowledged in a recent appearance on the Social Pros podcast, where she discussed making marketing to marketers more human-centered. With a knack for strategic disruption, Brittany also redefines what it means to be a woman in the tech sector. Her thought leadership is frequently highlighted in prestigious outlets like Forbes and HubSpot.

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