UTM code

A UTM code is a basic piece of code added to the ending of a URL to aid in tracking the performance of social media and content campaigns. There are 5 URL parameters you can choose from for tracking, which include: Content, term, campaign, medium and source.

The categories you measure through UTM codes are located in analytics and reports, giving you a more precise overview of your tracked dimensions and marketing performance. Google’s URL builder offers a fast and easy way to create UTM codes. The steps are as follows, first add your website address and choose your campaign parameters.

The parts of a UTM code

A UTM code will look like this:


UTM codes are split into two components:

  • The Tracking variable: A code which identifies the entity being tracked (such as the social media platform you’re getting traffic from)
  • UTM Parameter: The source, campaign, content, term, or medium you’re tracking.

Which elements can a UTM code track?

There are different tracking codes which measure different aspects of tracking.

  • Traffic Source: With a source parameter, you’ll figure out exactly where your traffic came from. UTM_Source will show which of your social accounts receives the most traction. Example: &utm_source=Instagram
  • Medium: The Medium parameter tracks what type of content your visitor came from. Example: &utm_medium=social
  • Campaign name: With the campaign name option, you’ll measure the performance of a strategy in your marketing plan. For instance, you might use this parameter to measure the difference in impact between two Facebook campaigns you ran. Example: &utm_campaign=facebook-campaign-1
  • Content: If you have different links that are all sending users to the same URL, the content parameter will measure and track which link garnered the most traffic. Example: &utm_content=linkoption
  • Keyword term: With the term parameter, you’ll track which of the keywords your website visitor found you with. Example &utm_term=what-is-a-utm-code

Benefits of using a UTM code

A UTM code is a useful way to track more information about your campaigns using Google Analytics.

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