Twitter poll

For any brand or person with an active Twitter presence, polls can be an entertaining and engaging way to recieve feedback from followers and gain worthwhile insights regarding the query at hand. While the use of Twitter polls does not always have to be serious in tone, it’s best to make sure your goal or strategy for using Twitter polls is planned ahead of time.

The benefits of Twitter polls

Twitter polls are user intuitive and aid you in securing audience data. The ease and simplicity of these polls grants them an advantage over other ways of attempting to gain feedback, from surveys, reviews or testimonials where more work is needed to set them up and low response rates are the unfortunate result.

Additionally, because of how anonymous the polls are, your audience is free to be as honest as they want which typically results in more valuable feedback.

How to create a Twitter poll

Open the Tweet composer and click the poll button. With the poll option selected, enter your text and up to four choices max. Don’t neglect to use #hashtags to help people easily locate and retweet your poll.

When someone retweets your poll, it will come up on a follower’s timeline and spread awareness of your brand, and other Twitter users can easily vote in your poll directly from a retweet.

Best practices for Twitter polls

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Twitter polls are a useful way to highlight your brand idenity online, garner information about your audience, and better your brand image. To ensure that you’re getting the best outcomes from your polls, try to:

  • Set an end date for those participating. This creates a sense of urgency and gives you a timeline to follow.
  • Gather useful information about your audience. Look for different ways of asking questions to get valuable insights and find out the largest painpoints for your audience.
  • Use hashtags wisely. Branded hashtags and generic tags make it much simpler for followers to find your polls. Keeping track of conversations and campaigns becomes much easier this way. 
  • Have some fun. A Twitter poll doesn’t always have to be bland and lacking in personality. Have some fun and show off your brand identity with questions that pertain to your industry.
  • Stay ahead of the curve. Use polls to make comments on trending news and concepts in your industry to show your audience that you are current.
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