Twitter List

A List is a carefully selected group of X (formerly known as Twitter) accounts. Social media users can either curate their own Lists to help organize their marketing strategies or follow those created by other people. Viewing a Twitter List timeline displays the tweets only from the selected accounts.

Twitter allows individual users to make up to 1,000 Lists, each with up to 5,000 users on it. The idea behind Twitter Lists is to organize and guide conversations in the Twitter environment and allow people or businesses to consume tweets from particular people.

How to create or edit a Twitter List

To create a Twitter List, to your Twitter profile page and click on the profile image in the upper-right section of the page to open your menu, then:

  • Select Lists in the navigation bar
  • Choose Create new List
  • Enter a title for your List and an optional description
  • Select if you want the List to be private (seen only by you) or public (anyone can see/follow the List).

When in your Twitter List menu, you can also edit the people you’re following by clicking on the name of the List you want to edit and then clicking on List Members.

Using Twitter Lists

Adding people to a Twitter list is an effective way to improve your social listening strategy. You can use lists to monitor influencers, competitors, customers and more.

You can also subscribe to lists curated by other users. Navigate to the profile of the user whose list you want to follow and click on Lists. Here, you will see a selection of all the individual’s public lists and you’ll be able to choose the one that you want to subscribe to. Once you’ve selected the desired list, click Subscribe. This is an effective way to keep up with with lists curated around a specific industry, topic, or niche.

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Use Twitter Lists to enhance your social media strategy. Beyond subscribing to lists related to industry news, you can:

  • Make Lists of influencers that you wish to connect with.
  • Make Lists of news companies and reporters to build your PR connections.
  • Make Lists of accounts who frequently interact with your posts to create a community of highly engaged users.
  • Make List of your competitors to keep an eye on their social media. strategies.
  • Make Lists of inspiring thought leaders to spark creativity when it’s time for you to publish content.
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