Social media manager

A social media manager is responsible for managing and carrying out social media marketing campaigns for individuals, brands, or organizations. 

In this position, their responsibilites include creating, curating, and publishing content on social media channels, as well as measuring and analyzing engagement metrics and adjusting strategies based on results.

What does a social media manager do?

The function of a social media manager can vary depending on the hiring organization’s number of employees, industry, and goals. However, the following are some common responsibilities:

Developing and executing social media strategies

A social media manager’s main function is to create a thorough social media strategy that lines up with with the organization’s objectives. They do research and analyze the organization’s target audience and assess which social media channels are most effective in reaching them.

Creating and curating content

A social media manager is tasked with creating and curating content that is engaging, relevant, and aligned with the brand voice and tone. They make posts, images, and videos that are meant to generate engagement from and intrigue in the target audience.

Publishing content

After content has been created, a social media manager is responsible for scheduling and publishing said content on the appropriate social media channels. They use social media management tools (like Vista Social!) to plan out and schedule posts ahead of time to ensure consistency and maximize reach.

Monitoring and responding to interactions

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A social media manager measures and monitors interactions from followers, interactions which include comments, direct messages (DMs), and mentions. They reply to questions, concerns, and complaints in an expedient and professional manner to maintain a positive brand image.

Analyzing metrics and adjusting strategies

  • A social media manager measures and analyzes engagement metrics using which include likes, shares, and clicks to assess the efficacy of different social media strategies. They make adjustments to strategies based on performance data to optimize engagement and reach.
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