Facebook Comment

A Facebook comment lets you respond to a post or picture on Facebook with text.

To comment on a Facebook post, click Comment underneath the post, or click into the white box that says, “Write a Comment.” Type what you want to say and press enter to publish the message.

facebook comment field

To create a new line break or paragraph in a comment, hold Shift on your keyboard.

The basics of Facebook Comments

A Facebook comment is one of three ways that customers or followers can engage with a brand or individual on Facebook. The other two options are to “Share” the post with friends, or “Like” the post. Facebook offers a number of emoji reactions alongside the “Like” today, including Love, Anger, Sad and Wow.

facebook reactions and comment field

With Vista Social, businesses can view and reply to threaded comments within their social media management dashboard.

Comments are one of the best forms of engagement for any company, because they indicate that your follower has taken the time to think about and write a response to your content. Commenting is a much more active form of engagement than clicking the “like” button.

Who sees your Facebook Comment?

One of the best ways for brands to connect with their target audience on Facebook is to comment on their posts. When you respond to a Facebook Comment, anyone who can see the original post will also be able to see your comment.

For most brands, this means that comments are “Public”. If you see the small globe icon next to your post, this means that anyone with a Facebook account will see what you’ve written.

Since social media is a powerful word of mouth marketing tool, it’s important to ensure that the comments on your Facebook page, and the messages you leave on other pages, represent your brand in a positive way and are consistent with your brand’s identity. If someone leaves a negative or spammy Facebook Comment on one of your posts, it may be a good idea to hide that message to preserve your brand reputation.

To hide a Facebook comment, hover over the comment, click the three dots and select Hide Comment. You could also delete the comment from your page.

Importantly, you should only hide Facebook comments that are offensive or spammy. Negative messages about your brand might be upsetting, but they’re also a great opportunity to show your customer service skills.

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How to encourage more Facebook Comments

The Facebook Comment is a crucial part of your social media engagement strategy.

As the Facebook algorithm continues to prioritize authentic connections between users, comments are your chance to spark conversations with your target audience. To encourage people to leave messages on your Facebook posts, try:

  • Asking questions: Questions are the most efficient way to get a conversation started. When you post something on Facebook, add an interesting question to prompt discussion.
  • Spark a discussion: Get people talking about a trending topic by giving your opinion and inviting them to share their own.
  • Reply to your followers: When people do leave a Facebook comment on your posts, make sure to respond to them to keep the conversation going.
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