BeReal is a social networking platform that advocates for real-time, unfiltered content sharing. Every day, at a randomly selected time, BeReal alerts users to capture and upload a photo within two minutes.

BeReal: A Social Platform Advocating Authenticity

BeReal stands as a unique social platform prompting users to share content in real-time. Each day, at an random moment, all users receive a notification to snap a photo and upload it within the next two minutes.

How does BeReal work?

BeReal thrives as a social media app fostering a more authentic and real-life user experience, which starkly contrasts the norm on many other platforms.

It’s all about capturing the essence of authenticity, providing a platform where users can freely share their experiences and views in their raw, unedited form.

What distinguishes BeReal from other social media platforms?

Unlike many of its counterparts, BeReal is crafted to be a more personal and intimate social media platform.

Users can connect with each other and narrate their life stories, ideas, and sentiments through photos and videos.

The objective is to encourage users to be genuine and share content reflecting their true experiences, be it positive, negative, or somewhere in between.

BeReal’s Approach to Unedited Content

One of BeReal’s unique features is its commitment to showcasing real-life content.

Users are restricted from posting images or videos from their gallery; they are prompted to capture something new in the moment instead.

The app does not provide features for users to share content that’s filtered and edited, which is common in other social media platforms.

This approach promotes an honest and genuine depiction of users’ experiences and perspectives.

Building Community on BeReal

A cornerstone of BeReal’s design is its emphasis on establishing connections and communities among users.

The app equips users with various tools and features that facilitate connection with others who resonate with similar interests and viewpoints.

Users can engage with groups, participate in chats, and interact through the app’s messaging and commenting functionalities.

Privacy and Security on BeReal

BeReal ensures the privacy and security of its users by integrating a range of tools and features build to safeguard users’ personal information and content.

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Additional Benefits of Using BeReal

Apart from its central social features, BeReal extends its utility by providing resources aimed at personal growth and self-improvement.

The app curates content including articles, videos, and podcasts covering areas like mental health, personal development, and wellness.

It also fosters a supportive community where users can share their experiences and interact with others.

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