Twitter Audit: Check If You Are on the Right Path 

Updated on February 28, 2022

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Published February 28, 2022

Twitter Audit: Check If You Are on the Right Path 
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Both small companies and global corporations manage microblogs on Twitter. This helps increase the brand’s popularity, attract new customers, and engage with your audience. However, your tweets should be strategic and meet the marketing goals.

What about getting even more benefits from the Twitter profile if all costs and works have already been optimized? Perform a quick audit. Social media account audit allows you to find the strengths and weaknesses of the profile and identify its growth potential. A well-performed audit saves your money on creating a promotion strategy in the social network and allows you to build an action plan to achieve the best possible result.

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What Is a Twitter Audit?

The Twitter audit is a diagnostic process to analyze the effectiveness of your account. It will evaluate various aspects of your personal or brand’s Twitter profile and identify which areas require immediate improvement.

You will get answers to the questions about your target audience, what type of content resonates with your audience the most, and what you can do to improve your Twitter presence. 

Such an analysis will tell you if you are on the right path, which points you should still pay attention to make the brand’s promotion effective and the result better.

How to Perform a Twitter Audit 

First of all, consider your social media goals. If any changes occur, you will need to perform a Twitter audit to align with new goals and changes. If no goal changes, then you will need to evaluate your current efforts – if they work or not to achieve the objectives.

Today, we will go through the critical parts of the Twitter audit – analysis of your tweets, audience, and profile. Consider the steps below as an example to conduct your own Twitter audit customizing the process to fit your business needs.

Tweets Audit

1. Collect your tweets for an overview.

One of the options to overview all the tweets is to use Twitter’s analytics.

  1. Go to your account settings and select Your account from the menu.
  2. Click Download an archive of your data.
  3. Enter your password and click Confirm
  4. Verify your identity by clicking Send code to your email address and/or phone number on file.
  5. Enter the code sent.
  6. Click the Request data button.
  7. When your download is ready, you will get an email notification. 
  8. Once the email is received, click the Download button to download a .zip file of your Twitter archive.

Another option is to use Vista Social. Vista Social allows you to customize what you want to see in your analytics reports. For example, add and remove which metric you want to include in the report and save it as a template to use later on.

Go to Reports > Run Report > Report Builder.

Click Add Template.

In the Report Builder window, you now have the option to choose which metrics you want to be included in the template.

Customize the rest of the report by (1) adding additional text per section, (2) renaming the metrics, or (3) hiding sections you want to exclude in the report.

Once you have finished creating the report, add a template name and click Save template.

Vista Social’s Twitter metrics include: 

  • Twitter Summary – This data shows the total number of fans (or followers), posts (or tweets), engagement, and awareness based on a selected date range.
  • Audience Growth – Shows the number of followers gained during the selected period and the total number of followers and its comparison to the previous period.
  • Tweets – This shows the number of tweets during the selected period. It also offers a breakdown of photo tweets, video tweets, and animated gif tweets.
  • Engagement – Shows the number of fan interactions such as reactions, comments, retweets, mentions, quotes, clicks, and private messages with your profiles for the selected period.
  • Impressions – This shows the number of times your tweets were viewed during the selected period, including a breakdown of organic and paid impressions.
  • Hashtags & Interactions – Shows the number of interactions generated by hashtags used in your posts.

2. Analyze your activity.

Now, when you have reporting data handy, you can evaluate your activity to see what tweets perform best.

Pay attention to the type of tweets getting the most attention, what tweets collect more responses and other users’ engagement, what mentions and hashtags are the most effective. 

3. Delete irrelevant old tweets. 

Your brand does not stand still – your business objectives, conception, and product lines may change. Look through your old tweets to remove those not representing your brand anymore. Search and delete the tweets that promote outdated products and services, old sales, and other irrelevant stuff.

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4. Revise your strategy.

Going through the steps above, now you have the data about the highest-performing tweets. This information should be noted in your general Tweeter strategy and shared with the team.

Update your strategy regarding the type of posts, their frequency, and more. This way, everyone involved in your Twitter account management will be on the same page.

Twitter Followers Audit

Effective social analytics helps to interact effectively with consumers. This has always been the primary condition for a successful company’s operation. Audit your Twitter followers helps to understand if they are your brand advocates or you are missing something. Let’s see how you can check your followers. 

1. Use a specific tool.

Fake followers will not be interested in the advertising offer, which means that the return from the campaign will be small. So instead, use a tool like Twitter Audit to evaluate your Twitter followers’ quality. The service will calculate everything for you and show you the audit score. 

2. Find your brand advocates.

Find those who are talking about your brand online and analyze their mentions. Vista Social’s social listening tools are here to help to build a deeper understanding of your audience. You can track and analyze conversations around your brand to understand consumer sentiment and brand health. Gather honest feedback to generate new products, services, and content ideas.

3. Find the audience’s demographics and interests.

To correctly target advertising campaigns and increase brand loyalty, you need to know your target audience. The built-in analytics tool on Twitter will show the demographic data of your followers and their interests. Track Twitter demographic data regarding audience interests, age, gender, location, and audience language. You need to be sure that your subscribers are the people you want to reach.

Twitter Profile Audit 

Since your communication with a Twitter user is originally marketing- or PR-oriented, all the additional media of verbal and visual information available on Twitter should be fully used for promotion. So, robust design and optimization of the Twitter profile are essential to attract attention and gain the users’ trust.

1. Refresh a bio.

Use your Twitter bio to tell others about yourself briefly, indicate your interests, or promote your business. Include the keywords to fit your audience and avoid listing meaningless words. There is no point in finding the perfect bio and simply copying it – you need to create your own. What is your unique feature? Why would people want to follow your account? Create an original, impressive bio that will perfectly tell your audience about you and your blog.

2. Brand your profile. 

Users make the first conclusions about how attractive the account is, depending on the design they see. Use a brand logo as a profile image. This popularizes the brand’s visual image and strengthens the emotional connection with users. No doubt, just a beautiful photo is misleading. It is impossible to visually identify a page from the point of view of a specific brand.

Do not leave a cover photo area blank because it can help customize your brand and make your Twitter profile incredible. When uploading a cover photo, make sure you use a high-quality image that matches your brand and brand identity.

Keep an eye on any graphics you share on Twitter and make sure it matches your brand fonts and colors.

3. Update your pinned tweet.

When you post new tweets, your old tweets fall into the list and become less visible. However, there is a way out – you can pin an essential tweet to the top of your profile. Thus, the tweet you choose is guaranteed to be at the top of your profile page. For example, you can pin a tweet with the promotion offer or link the blog article to attract more traffic. Any tweets you post after that do not change the position of the pinned tweet.

Check out your pinned tweet in terms of its relevance. Probably, the offer you pinned has already expired, and you just forgot to refresh the pinned tweet with the new one.


After all the marketing and advertising campaigns you run on Twitter, you will want to know if your efforts are successful. This is where conducting a thorough audit on Twitter will help a lot. Follow the steps suggested in this post and make your own Twitter account audit. Make sure you do this regularly to improve your account and see how it grows over time.

Consider Vista Social your great helper in receiving detailed and intuitive social media analytics. Eliminate manual processes in favor of automated, presentation-ready reports. Sign up for free to extract actionable insights right away.

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