Top Tips to Help You Analyze Your Twitter Followers

Updated on December 6, 2022

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Published January 29, 2022

Top Tips to Help You Analyze Your Twitter Followers
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Being able to keep your audience interested is more important than amassing lots of followers. To motivate your audience to engage, you must publish material that speaks to them emotionally. Uncover lots of details about the people who are already following you by looking at your Twitter followers.

A lot of emphasis is put on the number of followers on social media, but few companies make time to get to know their audience better.  If you do not look at your Twitter audience, you are merely guessing at what to post.

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Make Sure You Have the Right Tools at Your Disposal

It is incredibly stressful to check out your followers before carrying out a manual evaluation. You should instead make use of a Twitter follower analysis tool. As you obtain as much information you can get, the better off you will be. Using Twitter’s built-in statistics, you can learn a lot about the demographic trends of your followers.

Using a third-party tool is an excellent way to get more results besides just demographics. A third-party tool may help you get insight into your audience’s demographics and interaction statistics on social media platforms.

For example, there is Buzzsumo, which is excellent at determining who could be interested in following you in the future. With the right tool, you can effectively analyze your Twitter audience

What is Your Fake Followers Statistic on Twitter?

Twitter disclosed a while ago that about twenty million of its subscribers were automated accounts (or “bots”). There is an excellent chance bots following you have several automated accounts. Even though such accounts increase your number of followers, they do not provide any genuine benefit.

You might be engaging a bot audience without ever realizing it, even if a company uses misleading techniques like purchasing false followers. For the sake of appearances, those bots are mass-following anonymous accounts. In other words, if your account appears on their radar, you have a chance of being followed. Fake Twitter followers may be easily identified as a primary step in your follower analysis process.

One of the primary reasons why it is essential to know how many phony followers you have is because they may distort your statistics. Consider the example where your Twitter metrics suggest that 70 percent of your audience is male, but 30 percent of your Twitter followers are female.

Bots can not be stopped by just begging or reporting them, but if you are sure it is a bot, you may try urging them to unfollow or report them. Bots following your account do not always hurt. However, the more genuine followers follow you, the better and precise analysis you get.

What Interests Your Twitter Following?

Finding out what your genuine followers are talking about on Twitter is the second step once you have determined the number of genuine followers following you.  It will allow you to create more relevant material to target the audience’s interests. A higher level of engagement is more probable when people can relate to what you are saying via your tweets.

You may personally go over and examine the timelines of each of your Twitter followers to determine their interests. However,  you will need a lot of time for it. This information may be obtained by analyzing your follower’s interests using Twitter’s toolset for analysis.

To analyze your tweets, go to your homepage and click on more to display the analytics section. Click on the analytics tab and from there you can view the Tweets activities and engagements.

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You already have the ammunition you require to develop and distribute more of the material your followers genuinely like, thanks to these 2 findings. You will also have the advantage of getting noticed by fresh Twitter users if you know the hashtag and subjects your followers are posting.

How Do You Know When Your Followers Are Online?

Twitter is a crowded social media platform as dozens of fresh Tweets accompany your stream at any time. To put it another way, lesser users see your posts, and you receive less interaction.

Prevent this by observing how your followers communicate via Twitter. While tweeting when a vast majority of your followers are online, your chances of getting an interactive audience are better once you begin posting. Although several of your followers won’t come across your Tweets, the idea is to maximize your odds where necessary.

How possible is it to determine the ideal time of day to Tweet? Several studies have looked at the best times to Tweet to get the most followers. However, it is essential to note that such numbers are only statistics. It is possible your followers are not online on those specific periods the research says will be productive.

You have to discover the ideal period to interact with your followers. You could do it in a variety of ways. Start with checking your latest post and recording the time sent. 

Although this consumes a lot of effort, it’s necessary to produce your desired results. You would have to go through dozens of your tweets to detect a pattern. In addition, this strategy only works once your tweets have begun gaining a lot of traction.

How Many Influencers Do I Have?

Influencers are a growing trend in the social media landscape. Influencers can be thought of as celebrities. They’re people who have large followings on platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, where they share everything from tutorials for DIY projects to fashion advice.

Influencers may help raise the number of your audience and establish you as a thought leader in your field. To take full advantage of connecting with influencers, you must interact with them online.

Despite the importance of obtaining renowned influencers as followers, Twitter does not notify you when one begins following you. However, you will get a notice on a routine basis. To find the real celebrities among your Twitter followers, it is up to you to do some research.


Twitter Analytics allows you to see more about your followers than just their follower count or the number of tweets. So whether you’re looking to engage with your followers more or simply want a better understanding of who is following you on Twitter, these tips will help.

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