Top 5 Social Media Tools for Realtors

Updated on February 1, 2024

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Head of Social Media @ Vista Social

Published February 5, 2024

Top 5 Social Media Tools for Realtors
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What if I told you your social media marketing could be done for you without having to even lift a finger? Well, not entirely, but definitely 10 times faster and a whole lot easier.

There’s a world of innovative tools designed to help elevate your social media game, especially in the dynamic field of real estate. So let’s explore some of the leading tools that can help simplify and enhance the management of your social media presence.

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Easy Yet Powerful Graphic Design

First, when it comes to creating beautiful and practical designs, Canva is your best mate. Who said having a degree in graphic design was necessary to create great content? With Canva, the sky’s the limit. They even offer templates to get you going when you need that extra boost of creativity with different font options and designs so you can show off your home listings in the most creative, eye-catching way possible.

What’s even better is you can integrate your Canva account into social scheduling tools like Vista Social. So you can turn those designs into social media posts with the click of a button. What more could you ask for?

Fixing Those Typos

Just wait, it gets better: Grammarly. We’ve all been there creating last-minute post captions that- Probably needed an extra set of eyes to make sure everything is spelled right and readable.

Well, that’s Grammarly’s specialty. So you can say goodbye to those pesky little spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes and live worry-free about posting without realizing you’ve made any tiny mistakes.

Repurpose Your Videos

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So what about repurposing those listing tour videos you spent hours creating across different social networks?

Well, Gloss AI has got your back. This AI-powered automation tool can take any video you provide and repurpose it as new posts across all your social networks. It even takes into account aspects such as volume, body language, tone, and even text, which helps align with your specific audience and ultimately increase engagement.

Who knew you could save hours of your time editing with a simple drag and drop.

Video Editing At Your Fingertips

We all know video editing is always time-consuming. With Animoto, you can create simple, yet engaging animations from still images, such as your home listings or even recently a sold home.

Watch how Animoto transforms these still images into captivating video content with those extra finishing touches that really catch your audience’s attention.

Powerful Social Media Management Tools

So why post content on your socials one by one when you can do it all at once from your computer. This is where Vista Social steps in. Not only can you schedule content, but you can also access advanced analytics.

So you can see how your socials are going and pinpoint strategies that really catch your viewers attention. With Vista Social’s listeners, you can monitor what your audience is saying about you. You can even engage with your leads through the inbox. It’s all at the tip of your finger, ready to help achieve your social media goals. Content creation has never been easier.

Take advantage of the tools that are just a click away that can help you get those social media results you’re looking for, while maximizing your efforts.

So you’ve created your post content where you run out of ideas of what the caption should be? Click here to see how Vista Social’s AI Assistant can help.

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Head of Social Media @ Vista Social

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