How to Repurpose Short Form Videos

Updated on January 3, 2024

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Head of Social Media @ Vista Social

Published January 5, 2024

How to Repurpose Short Form Videos
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Guilty of scrolling through Instagram reels? Getting lost into the Tik Tok vortex? Or losing track of time binge watching YouTube shorts?

Hey, don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. But have you ever wondered why these short form videos are so darn addicting? Well, buckle up, because we’re about to dive into it that.

So think about it. Short videos snag your attention, lightning fast, and keep you hooked and social networks love that kind of engagement because the main goal here is to keep the users entertained so that they’ll watch as much content as possible.

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Why short form videos?

Now, short form content delivers that and that leads to higher retention rates and increased interaction. But it gets even more exciting. Short form videos have the super power of extending your reach beyond your current followers.

See how I already have 37 subscribers on my YouTube account?

Now, how did it happen that I have more than 2000 views on this short video that I created? Why? Because these social platforms are more likely to recommend your short videos to users who haven’t followed you yet.

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Quick to watch and easy to interact with. Definitely a recipe for a trending video that goes beyond your current audience.

Maximize your reach

Now that we have established the appeal of short form videos, how can you maximize them to your all the profiles by sharing your content across different social networks.You’re basically casting a wider net.

Each platform has its unique audience, and repurposing also allows you to connect with diverse groups of people who might not have discovered you yet.

And this is where Vista Social steps in.With Vista Social you can very easily post your short form videos across different social networks. And don’t worry if you have already published of video to a specific social network, you can always duplicate the posts with just a few clicks and post it across all of your other social networks too.

Now, just as one size doesn’t fit all, one type of content may not resonate equally everywhere. So repurposing also allows you to tweak your content to align with the specific trends and features of each platform. In TikTok, for example, users often discover content through popular challenges and hashtags.

So now you got this rad short video and you’re thinking, Hey, let’s share it everywhere. But hold up. Different social media platforms are like picky eaters. Thankfully, you don’t have have to worry about your short video not fitting the specific requirements for the social networks that you’re posting to. With Vista Social’s video processing we automatically reformat your video to fit any social network’s requirements.

So no need to stress about complicated video export settings or spending hours figuring out technical mumbo jumbo.

Now, if you’re hungry for more social media management sorcery, check out our next video on how to get more views in YouTube shorts in 2024. Trust me, it’s a game changer for grabbing attention in the crowded digital world of content.

Thank you so much for hanging out with us today and we’ll see you on our next one.

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Head of Social Media @ Vista Social

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