How to Enhance Your Instagram Branding

Updated on February 1, 2022

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Published February 1, 2022

How to Enhance Your Instagram Branding
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The Instagram audience has crossed the mark of 1 billion monthly active users. Among the registered accounts are thousands of profiles of brands, manufacturers, stores, and companies providing services. The principle “if you create an Instagram account — you get targeted traffic” no longer works. There is only one way to attract attention to a business profile: build an effective Instagram branding and create unique (or well-recognized) style elements.

The quality, unique offer, and attentive service will help with a long-term strategy. Still, strengthening your visual identity on Instagram ensures that the target audience will notice and remember your company, among other noise on the web. And the good news is you do not need a pocketful of money to do it.

Let’s explore why Instagram branding is so essential today and how you can ensure your business looks and feels great on social media. 

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Why Is Instagram Branding So Important?

Instagram branding is a perception that you create about your brand online. This is how you portray and sell your product/service to the world, giving the impression that the audience associates with your brand’s name. This helps distinguish you from other people and companies in your niche.

Build confidence and trust 

Have you ever tried to make friends with someone you do not trust? Probably not. As a rule, people do not spend time with those they do not trust. Yet, trust and relationship building is what we focus on in our lives every day. There is no better place to build trust in business than social media.

It is about creating an efficient brand identity and keeping it unchanged when interacting with customers, sharing new content, and interacting with other companies on social networks. When the content you publish matches the one on different channels, this consistency is appreciated by your audience. 

The primary role of the visual image is to transfer the brand image into a graphic one, to convey to the consumer information about the company, ideas, and principles through colors, graphics, and fonts. When you create your Instagram feed that corresponds with your design and brand voice, you receive more trust and loyalty from the audience.

Encourage brand recognition

Brand recognition is essential for companies regardless of the stage of development. The sales volume directly depends on the ability of the target audience to recognize and remember your brand. In addition, brand awareness affects competitiveness and encourages customers to choose the company’s products among many analogs.

Strong brand awareness is one of the primary motivators that encourage the target audience to choose a particular brand, even if cheaper alternatives are available. It is supported by visual assets, such as corporate colors, logos, or a memorable slogan. 

For example, you will always recognize McDonald’s whether you see the brand online or offline. Once you see the golden arches — it is a familiar McDonald’s you know and love.

Boost traffic 

Instagram link in bio is an excellent solution to drive more traffic to your brand’s online resources. There are different options for using the “Link in bio” tool. Each of them is effective in its way. It is only essential to make the right choice for a specific business and purpose.

It is also an easy way to segment your audience. Instead of directing all traffic to the site, send users to different pages. This way, you will be able to analyze target traffic more effectively.

How to Strengthen Your Instagram Branding 

There are so many brands globally that it is becoming challenging to stand out and create a unique brand image. Still, there are a few tips we recommend following.

Refine Instagram profile branding

Instagram branding is creating a set of visual tools that will ensure the recognition and fame of the account. The corporate identity is based on the following elements:

  • Profile photo. It is the main photo of the account. It may contain an image of the account owner or a brand logo. The picture must be of good quality; illegible inscriptions are unacceptable. If your brand is not well known yet, you can set an image that will indicate the type of activity. Users will immediately understand what it is about.
  • Description (Instagram Bio). It is a text block of up to 150 characters, including an account name, slogan, contacts, and brief, helpful information about products or services. If your brand has a unique offer that allows you to stand out among competitors, the description should also indicate it. A good move would be to mention current promotions in this block.
  • Instagram story highlights. Story highlights can serve as a place to indicate important information: FAQ, current promotions, contest conditions, promo codes, and more. Use a single style for your story highlights to keep a single branding design. 
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Craft content with a similar look and feel

Color directly interacts with the psychological state and the brain’s perception of information. In addition, color causes associative images and sensations. The color works with the consumer’s subconscious, giving the whole brand a sacred meaning. An incorrectly chosen color message can destroy all the work on brand promotion. 

At the same time, the color scheme should fully comply with the brand positioning strategy and be sustainable. When picking up the right colors that can convey the idea of the brand to the consumer, you will attract attention and find a response in the minds and hearts of the consumer. If your content has a similar look across the Instagram feed, it will succeed with your audience. You can use either one color for all the content, overlapping elements, or the ombré look throughout your grid.

For example, Jo Malone London uses a 2×3, or 3×3 grid spread when launching a new fragrance.

Brand voice matters 

Brand’s tone of voice sets the general rules of communication in all channels: Instagram posts, mailings, phone calls, and more.

The brand’s voice is formed from answers to crucial questions:

  • What does the company do? Is there any values and mission?
  • What are the features of the product? What distinguishes it from the competing ones?
  • Who is the target audience, potential, and current customers? What should people feel when communicating with a brand?

The voice can be different: “serious” and “provocative,” “witty” and “fraternal,” “mentoring” and “friendly.” The choice depends not only on the audience but also on the topic and the product.

For example, Missguided online fashion brand uses a kooky, cheeky, and a bit rebellious brand voice.

Stick to posts consistency

With the publishing frequency, on the one hand, it is essential not to overwhelm subscribers with content, and on the other – to keep in touch and not get lost, which can happen if posts appear rarely. Someone recommends posting one post a day; someone recommends doing it more often. While it all depends on the specifics of the account, it is essential to still to consistency and regularity. 

You can easily schedule and optimize every post you publish to your Instagram profile like a pro with Vista Social’s social media publishing tools. In addition, you will be able to organize the scheduled posts visually with a beautiful publishing calendar and collaborate with your team before publishing.


There is much noise in the marketing world. On average, a company has a few seconds to make an impression — so branding should be strong and well thought out from the very beginning. It is all about creating the company’s image, developing the mission and value of the business, positioning in the market, defining the tone of communication and customer relations. A company with strong Instagram branding makes a more professional impression, inspires trust, and increases profits.

Level up your brand ideology online with Vista Social, an ultimate platform to manage social media like a pro. Incredible content publishing power is at your fingertips for free. 

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