How a Leading Production Company Delivers Content at Scale with Vista Social

Updated on May 31, 2022

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Head of Marketing @ Vista Social

Published May 31, 2022

How a Leading Production Company Delivers Content at Scale with Vista Social
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Discover how a leading production company delivers content at scale with Vista Social.

With numerous series, web series, and original productions—Acequia, a leading production company located in Mendoza Argentina, delivers content at scale through their social media channels. 

How a Leading Production Company Delivers Content at Scale with Vista Social

Since video is a strong focus for them, they wanted a way to streamline their social media scheduling and publishing to have more time to engage and better connect with their audience.

Vista Social’s Publisher and intuitive analytics quickly became an important resource in the Acequia team’s workflow. Now, they can strategically analyze their social media post’s engagement and improve their content strategy in real-time. 

Acequia delivers content at scale with Vista Social, which allows them to work more efficiently and save time by delivering the right content to the right audience at the right time. 

“The Vista Social dashboard is very intuitive, with very useful features like the reports section. The Universal Mentions is another great feature we really love to use.”

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Content Overload

One of the key objectives of Acequia’s social media strategy is to communicate the various programs available while trying to engage its target audience with the right content. 

Staying on top of the various programs’ content strategies is important to them to successfully connect with each of their customer segments. Part of this process is managing the numerous DMs, comments, and tagged posts across their social media channels. 

Acequia needed to be able to schedule a high volume of content while easily accessing important audience data, managing support issues, and reporting on relevant performance metrics.

The manual process of posting each series, web series, and original productions content wasn’t cutting it. Cue, Vista Social.

“Vista Social is a complete tool to organize the daily work and mid/long-term campaigns. It’s very easy and intuitive, with great features like universal mentions, template reports, and social listening.”

Vista Social’s Universal Mentions feature helps the Acequia team stay on top of content overload by being able to mention different usernames across platforms. 

Some people may have different usernames on different social networks. Instead of manually tagging them in a single post, Universal Mentions allows them to ensure they are tagging the correct page or profile for each network. 

How a Leading Production Company Delivers Content at Scale with Vista Social
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Working with Vista Social has enabled Acequia to connect with its audience — and grow its presence — across multiple platforms. 

Dive Deep Into Social Conversations

With the rollout of Instagram’s new home Feed of full-screen Reels, Stories, and Posts—Acequia sees more success with its video content.

Acequia Instagram Content | Vista Social

“Our video content is at the forefront of our brand, and we are reaching more users on Instagram through Reels, Posts, and Stories.”

Social media listening plays a crucial role in guiding their content strategy decisions. Vista Social’s Listening allowed them to monitor and analyze social conversations to uncover strategic insights into their audience.

Acequia needs to understand the conversations on social media about their brand in real-time. By doing so, they can uncover what people are saying about their content on their different series, web series, and original productions.

Social media listening enables them to tap into different customer segments and understand where their interests lie to better serve them the content that matters most to them. This has been one of the most effective ways for them to stay on top of industry trends and build their brand based on the feedback and understanding of their various customer segments. 

“We plan all of our social media posts in Vista Social, analyze the data and engagement, and then compile the insights learned into our content strategy. This information is then passed along to the design and content team to help guide our strategy for the workweek.”

Vista Social’s platform provides Acequia with actionable insights on their target audience that they use to foster a data-driven approach to managing their content strategy across social media networks.

Develop and Evolve Alongside Growing Business Needs

The goal of Acequia is simple: provide the right content, to the right people, at the right time. But this has proved challenging in the vast social media landscape, given the rapid nature of trends, social, and news media. 

The scope of online media is continually growing, and technology is ever changing; Acequia can stay up-to-date on brand mentions in real-time, which allows them to provide value to their audience while broadening their brand’s reach. And, with access to a wide variety of platforms, Acequia never misses a mention from their audience. 

With the right tools in its toolbelt, Acequia provides its target audience with undeniable value, saving time and resources on automated tasks without compromising in-depth insights and reporting. Refined analytics means they can demonstrate value and use data to inform their strategic and creative approach. And, no matter their various content strategies for each program, there’s a Vista Social feature to help them stay connected. 

It’s a huge challenge for any team to manage a multi-channel strategy in a fast-paced industry such as social media. Vista Social is proud to play a part in supporting Acequia as they build their brand across each of their social channels. Hopefully, this post resonates with your business in some capacity and allows you to find inspiration from their strategy!

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Head of Marketing @ Vista Social

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