7 Predictions For Social Media Marketers In 2022

Updated on January 7, 2022

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Published January 7, 2022

7 Predictions For Social Media Marketers In 2022
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Social media is a major part of our lives, and it’s only going to get bigger. We all know this, but we don’t think about the future implications of social media while we’re living in the present day. 

Businesses saw firsthand the importance of social media in connecting brands and customers during a socially distant year. As a result, some brands were focused on trying new things with social media in 2020, while others emphasized engaging existing communities.

Many social marketers felt that 2020 was a year of stress and burnout. However, it also contained valuable lessons that marketers can improve their future strategies. The most important thing about 2020 was how social media marketers are essential to an organization’s success. In this post, I’ll explore seven predictions for what Social Media Marketing (SMM) will look like in 2022.

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1. You Will Take On A More Important Role

Brands would not have been able to connect with their audience without social media in 2021 and beyond. As a result, the social media manager’s role will become a vital part of 2022. Although our work was always on display, in an era where social media has become the main channel of communication for many companies with their customers, audiences, and employees, social media managers are now the ones leading the way. You’re likely to be rudely surprised if you don’t empower your social media manager and give them the tools and knowledge they need to communicate effectively with your audience.

2. New Growth Opportunities

Social marketers can focus less on explaining what they do and more on growing their careers and strategies as leaders become more knowledgeable about social media. Market leaders still need to learn about what it takes to hire a SMM talent. However, more talent is being hired as brands realize the importance of paid and organic social media marketing. As a result, prospects are bright for social media marketers as there will be a clearer career path.

3. You Will Get The Recognition You Deserve

Without the creativity and brains of those behind the scenes, a brand’s social media presence is nothing. In 2021 and beyond, the goal is to see social media managers get the respect and appreciation they deserve within the workplace. It’s hard work, and the SMM has many roles. However, we are getting to know our managers better, and people are beginning to understand how important it is.

4. Approachability Is Integral In Every Customer Interaction

Each customer interaction is valuable, even if it feels one-sided. Adrian Molina, Aviation Gin’s Brand Marketing Manager, believes that the trend of ‘approachable parasocial relationships will continue into 2021 and beyond. Parasocial relationships are people’s unrestricted admiration for celebrities or media personalities based on their particular vertical, such as TV, podcasts, or YouTube. Social marketers and brands are not necessarily celebrities. We thrive on engagement that ultimately leads to our product or service. “Approachable parasocial relationships” are the best way to get involved.

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5. Customers And Brands Will Stay On The Same Page When You Keep Them Both In Sync

Sometimes it can seem like brands and consumers operate on completely different planes. However, Brianna Foster, Pinterest’s Social Media Manager, believes that social media marketing will evolve to bring brands closer to their customers.

The social media manager’s role will always represent the brand’s digital personality. This role will be more prominent in 2021 and beyond. Brands struggled with accountability when using social media to respond to world events. We learned that it was not enough to say something. It was necessary to take action to back up your statements. Social media managers can bridge the gap between brand, audience, and personal level. They will need to listen to their audience and keep up to date with current social events.

6. You Will Get The Support You Need To Succeed

Brands may have hesitated in the past to invest money or resources in social media marketing. However, with a better understanding of the importance of social media for a business, brands can expect to invest more in it and those who manage it.

Social media helped bridge the socially-distanced gap between customers and companies during the pandemic. This was what made social media a vital field. As a result, more brands will invest in social media managers to understand their impact on brand loyalty.

7. Customers Will Love Your Brand

Social media managers are the best at understanding your customers. As a result, social media managers are often the first contact with customers. They hear what they love and dislike about your brand. Drift’s Social Media Associate Pat Timmons predicts that social media marketers will continue to play this role into 2021 and beyond. The value of social media is evident at all levels of the company. We are there throughout every step of the customer journey. We communicate with customers daily, listening to their opinions about other brands and us. Our goal for 2021 should be to share that story with our teams and leaders.

Final Thoughts

It is hard to ignore how 2020 has affirmed the importance of social marketers and the value brand social media. Many social marketers finally receive the recognition and respect they deserve from their organizations.

Don’t be surprised to find social marketers playing a larger role in the future of social marketing as 2022 unfolds. Social media marketing has endless possibilities, whether connecting brands to their customers or finding new ways to connect with your audience.

Social media marketers are always searching for the next best way to engage customers, and Vista Social is our prediction of what will be needed beyond 2021. The platform has a user-centric approach that makes it easy to share with followers, publish videos automatically, and more with ease. Suppose you’re looking for an intuitive solution that takes care of all your formatting needs and gives you access to valuable insights about how your content is performing. In that case, we encourage you to try out Vista Social today!

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