3 Tips to Enhance Visual Strategy with Pinterest and Instagram

Updated on March 16, 2022

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Published March 16, 2022

3 Tips to Enhance Visual Strategy with Pinterest and Instagram
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Today your brand and its visual identity are just as important as the product you sell. People tend to pay attention to images presented in an accessible form when viewing information. The time of concentration on the message is much shorter than previously thought. People view texts on the web superficially or ignore them, focusing on graphics, videos, photos, or memes. For this reason, visual content becomes one of the most critical elements of communication.

Instagram and Pinterest are two primary components of a visual marketing strategy. You advertise your brand through visuals and design on both social media networks. Moreover, you should care about the right image and hashtags, captions, and targeting the right audiences. There is a vast amount of content on the web, and the competition for the user’s attention is also high. Vista Social has a powerful set of tools to create and manage content to boost your Instagram and Pinterest visual strategies.

Plan content, engage your audience, collaborate as a team, and measure efforts from a single platform.

Table of contents

Content Development & Page Posting

The development of content for social media pages has a primary role since the overall perception of a person or business depends on it. Posting high-quality, unique, and relevant content is an excellent solution to bring the brand better results. High-quality content leads to an increase in the number of followers and, accordingly, sales increase.

Whether you create content from scratch or curate and share third-party content for Instagram and Pinterest, Vista Social makes the process easy and hassle-free. Draft posts for one or many social media pages — upload videos, attach images from a Media Library, apply targeting, and add tags. A convenient publishing calendar allows you to review and manage Instagram and Pinterest content easily — quickly filter by tag, profile, and date. If you are interested in agency collaboration or peer review, Vista’s built-in approval workflow is perfect for legal, compliance, and collaboration.

Moreover, the platform offers the’ Find Content’ feature, enabling you to find trending content from all over the internet quickly. Search for content that will resonate with your audience and send it to a composer for quick scheduling.

Using Hashtags to Increase Engagement

A hashtag is key to the content you are interested in. With the help of hashtags, you can emphasize the meaning of the post, help users find publications in the social network, promote and highlight your account among others. Many businesses add a long list of relevant hashtags to the post to increase profile visits and boost engagement. The same practice works for both – Instagram and Pinterest.

Hashtags in a post are still “technical information” if you mean hashtags for promotion. There is an opinion that placing hashtags in the first comment makes the post more neat and attractive, while adding hashtags in the post’s caption may look spammy. Moreover, posting comments – along with saves, reposts, and likes — is one way to promote a post and show it to a larger audience. If you, immediately after the release of the post, publish your hashtags in the comments to it, thereby you begin to promote it.

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Vista Social suggests to kickstart post engagement with the first comment and like. Therefore, attach a first comment and, where possible, even a first like to your posts, ensuring that posts receive initial engagement.

Cross-Promotion Strategy

Cross-promotion helps attract partners, strengthen relationships with the target audience, and increase engagement for social posts. Cross-promotion within two, three, or more social media platforms allows you to increase the target audience’s loyalty and win the attention of new potential customers. However, it is still essential to remember that Pinterest builds engagement over time while Instagram allows engaging with the audience immediately.

Cross-posting approach has its advantages:

  • You save time on creating and refining content for each social network. You have time to create one cool post and spread it on Instagram, Pinterest, and other platforms. 
  • You reach a large audience – you remind the followers of all your accounts about yourself. Abandoned corporate accounts make a repulsive impression.
  • You get involved and attract new followers.

Another plus is brand awareness due to the cross-posting of the same content on several channels. If your followers see your content on multiple platforms, they will get more impressions about your business.

With Vista Social, you can cross-post your Instagram content to Pinterest or any other social media channel directly from a beautiful Publishing Calendar. When cross-posting Instagram posts to Pinterest, you boost engagement through home feed, search, and related pins.


Optimized visual strategy for social channels stimulates sales, forms long-term brand loyalty, and helps create conditions for your brand to be out of competition. Today you can come across many solutions to enhance your visual strategy. 

Instead of surfing the web searching for the most optimal ways to boost publishing on Instagram and Pinterest, check out Vista Social’s tools. The platform gives you the features and techniques to optimize every post you schedule and publish on your social media profiles like a pro. Start with a fully-featured free plan or trial the complete toolkit priced to make social marketing affordable and get real results.

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