Facebook retargeting

Similar to how it functions on other platforms, Facebook retargeting uses a pixel that tracks site visitors, so if they leave without making a purchase, they’ll be presented with related ads the next time they log into Facebook to help increase the chances of conversion in the future.

How to use Facebook retargeting

To run a Facebook retargeting campaign:

  • Install your Facebook Pixel
  • Go to your Facebook business user interface
  • Choose Audiences from the drop-down box
  • Click on Create Audience, then Custom Audience
  • Choose Website Traffic
  • Decide which activity should trigger ads. For instance, you can choose for people to see your ad when they visit your website, see a specific page or haven’t
  • Come to your profile in a certain amount of time.
  • Design your ad

Best practices for Facebook retargeting

As with any kind of advertising campaign, it’s essential to have a strategy in mind. Making the most of your Facebook retargeting strategy means tracking your campaigns carefully with a tool, zeroing in on the right audience, and optimizing your ads.

Other tips:

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  • Segment your audience. Customizing your ads to suit specific audiences will improve your chances of click-throughs and conversions.
  • Exclude past purchases. Make sure you’re not targeting audience members who have already bought the product you’re trying to sell.
  • Optimize your landing pages. When people arrive on your website, make sure they know what to do next.
  • Set up schedules. Run your ads on the times and days that your audience is most likely to be online.
  • Use dynamic ads. Adapt dynamic ads to remind your customers of the specific products they were looking at on your site.
  • Track and measure. Use tools like Vista Social to track the performance of your campaigns and optimize them in the future.
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