The Biggest Instagram Updates from 2024: Features, Tips & Trends

Updated on June 24, 2024

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Published June 25, 2024

The Biggest Instagram Updates from 2024: Features, Tips & Trends
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Curious about what Instagram has up its sleeve this year?

You’re not alone!

2024 has been a whirlwind 🌪️ of changes, and we’re here to break down the biggest updates to help you level up how you connect, share, and engage (and sell 😉) on the platform.

From algorithm tweaks to new interactive tools, here’s everything you need to know to stay ahead of the curve and make the most of Instagram’s latest features.

Table of contents

What you will learn

  • Instagram update 1: Algorithm changes to boost smaller creators
  • Instagram update 2: Messaging features
  • Instagram update 3: AI integration and chat features
  • Instagram update 4: New interactive tools for Stories
  • Instagram update 5: Enhanced engagement features
  • Instagram update 6: Shopping and business tools
  • Instagram update 7: Profile and feed customization
  • Instagram update 8: Safety and moderation tools
  • Keep up with the latest Instagram updates

Instagram update 1: Algorithm changes to boost smaller creators

In an exciting move for budding content creators, Instagram’s latest algorithm update is designed to highlight smaller creators.

The updated algorithm now favors original content over reposts, giving lesser-known creators more visibility and giving them a better opportunity to grow their audience.

The change aims to create a more diverse and engaging feed for users, making Instagram more inclusive​.

Instagram update 2: Messaging features

Direct messaging just got a whole lot better on Instagram. 

Here’s what’s new:

Edit Messages

Ever sent a message with a typo? Now, you can edit your DMs within 15 minutes of sending with these steps:

👉 Tap and hold the message you want to edit

👉 Select “Edit” and make your changes

👉 Save the edited message

Instagram Updates 1

Label Conversations 

Organize your DMs by adding labels to important conversations with these steps: 

👉 Open a conversation and tap the three dots

👉 Select “Label” and choose or create a label

👉 Filter and manage conversations using these labels

Instagram Updates 2

Toggle Read Receipts

Turn read receipts on or off as needed, giving users more control over their privacy.  

👉 Go to your settings

👉 Find the “Privacy” section

👉 Toggle read receipts on or off as needed

Instagram Updates 3

Save Favorite Stickers

Save frequently used stickers to easily access them in conversations​. (Perfect for keeping your top memes and emojis on hand)​ 🤩.

👉 While using a sticker, tap and hold to save it to your Favorites

👉 Access your saved stickers in the sticker menu

Instagram Updates 4

Instagram update 3: AI integration and chat features

Instagram introduced AI-powered features to enhance user interaction and content creation. 

The new AI Chats by Meta AI allow users to interact with AI characters for various purposes, such as getting recommendations, generating custom images, and searching the web. 

The feature is still in testing but promises to add a unique interactive element to the platform​​.

Instagram update 4: New interactive tools for Stories

Instagram has rolled out several updates to make Stories more engaging, including the following.

Add yours stickers 

Users can now create custom “Add Yours” stickers for Stories, which allows followers to add their own content to a shared theme or prompt, fostering more community interaction.

Follow these quick steps:

👉 Select an image in your Stories

👉 Use the AI tool to cut out the desired part

👉 Add the custom sticker to your Story

AI-Powered cutout stickers

The new AI-powered cutout sticker feature lets users create custom stickers from images using AI, adding a fun and creative element to Stories.

Here’s how:

👉 Select an image/video for your Stories

👉 Click the “cutouts” option

👉 Choose an image from your gallery

👉 AI automatically removes the background from the image you’ve chosen—aka instant unique sticker

Instagram Updates 5

Mention Someone AFTER Posting a Story

Ever posted a story and realized you forgot to tag someone? No more deleting and reposting! 

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Instagram’s new feature lets you tag friends even after your story is live by following these steps: 

👉 Open your story and tap the three dots

👉 Select “Add Mentions”

👉 Tag your friends

Instagram Updates 6

Instagram update 5: Enhanced engagement features

Instagram is making it easier to engage with your followers with these features. 

Longer Reels

Instagram now allows Reels to be up to three minutes long, providing more fl exibility for content creators to share detailed and engaging videos. ​ 

Just Seen/Watched 

Ever needed to watch a “part 2” of a Reel, but when you clicked that creator’s profile, you couldn’t even find the Reel you just watched? We’ve all been there.

Thankfully, Instagram’s new feature is here to save the day.

For Reels: You’ll see a “Just Watched” label, making it easy to spot the last video you viewed.

For Photo Posts: A “Just Seen” label will show up, so you never lose track of that great picture. This helps you effortlessly navigate through a page’s content.

Instagram Updates 7

Instagram update 6: Shopping and business tools

Businesses have plenty to look forward to with these new features.

Multiple Links in Bio

Add multiple external links in your bio, arranged in any order you prefer.

This is great for directing followers to various resources or products (Does this mean goodbye to 

👉 Go to your profile and tap “Edit Profile”

👉 Tap “Links” and then “Add External Link”

👉 Add your links and arrange them in your preferred order

Instagram Updates 8

Promo codes in ads

Businesses can now include promo codes directly in their Instagram ads, making it easier for users to get discounts and enhancing the shopping experience.

Follow these steps:

  • Create an Ad: Start by creating your Instagram ad through the Meta Ads Manager
  • Select Promo Code Option: During the ad setup process, look for the option to include a promo code
  • Enter Promo Code Details: Input the specific promo code and any related details, such as the discount percentage or conditions for use
  • Publish Ad: Complete your ad setup and publish it. The promo code will be prominently displayed in the ad, encouraging users to take advantage of the offer

Create and Manage Orders in DMs 

Instagram now lets you create and manage orders directly from your DMs.

No need to juggle multiple platforms—handle customer orders, confirm purchases, and provide updates all within one chat. 

The seamless integration means you can focus more on connecting with customers and less on managing different apps. Here’s how:

👉 Go to your chat

👉 Discuss the order details with the customer

👉 Click the plus sign at the bottom right of your chat

👉 Enter the amount of the order

👉 Confirm by clicking the “Create Order” Button

Instagram Updates 10

Instagram update 7: Profile and feed customization

Instagram continues to focus on personalization with updates like the following.

Grid pinning

Users can pin up to three posts or Reels to the top of their profile grid, allowing them to highlight key content.

Here are the steps for pinning posts to Instagram profile grids:

👉 Go to the post or Reel you want to pin

👉 Tap the three dots on the top right

👉 Select “Pin to your profile”

Instagram Updates 11

Instagram update 8: Safety and moderation tools

Instagram has introduced new tools to help users manage their accounts and interactions more effectively:

  • Spam Detection and Bulk Removal: Enhanced spam detection capabilities now allow users to bulk remove spam comments, story views, and fake followers
  • Suspicious Activity Alerts: Instagram will notify users of suspicious activities, helping them maintain the integrity of their accounts​ 

Keep up with the latest Instagram updates

Instagram’s 2024 updates are all about making your experience more engaging, fun, and efficient. 

Whether you’re a content creator, business owner, or just love scrolling through your feed, these new features are designed to help you connect, share, and grow like never before. 

By understanding and leveraging these tools, you can optimize your Instagram presence and take advantage of the platform’s evolving capabilities.

Dive into these updates to discover new ways to engage with your audience and enhance your social media game!

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