A repin is a post on Pinterest which is typically saved to your pinboards. The repin has the image, title and link from the original. Brands track repins to analyze user engagement on Pinterest as well as the shareability of their own site content.

How Do I Repin On Pinterest?

You are able to repin on the Pinterest desktop site or via the social network’s app.

To repin on desktop:

  1. Hover over the pin you would like to save
  2. Click the “Save” button
  3. Choose a board to repin the post

To repin on mobile:

  1. Tap the pin you want to save
  2. Click the “Save” button
  3. Choose a board to repin the post

How Do I Track Repin Metrics on Pinterest?

Utilize an analytics platform that tracks social media shares like the built-in analytics tool on Pinterest, Google Analytics or Vista Social.

When using the Analytics dashboard on Pinterest, there is an option to add your website data to the dashboard to see the pins people save directly from your website.

To analyze pin data from your website:

  1. Click on Analytics tab > Overview
  2. Click Confirm website
  3. Copy and paste the tag displayed in the window to the <head> section of site’s index.html file

Once you have saved the changes above, you will see pin activity from your website on your Pinterest dashboard.

To track repins (saved pins) on Pinterest:

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  1. Click on Analytics tab > Overview
  2. Click on Saves tab

Pros of Tracking Repins

Monitor engagement. See how many times users repinned, commented or sent your pins to indicate how much of an influencer you are on Pinterest, gauge the shareability of your visual content and more.

Analyze trends in shared content. Figure out which popular types of content are repinned the most. These may include how-tos, recipes, tips, quotes and more.

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